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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Pop Alternative




"Madeleine – Using Her Mind And Music To Make The World A Better Place"

With the large class of artists aiming for the top of the chart with muffled collections, we have encountered an artist who is presenting with the soulful concept album, Chinese Bamboo. This Extended Track (EP) is all about jumping out of the comfort zone unleashing the boundless possibilities. Lets look over the story within the Chinese Bamboo by Madeleine Twyman.


Canadian artist Madeleine is a singer/songwriter/choreographer, her works being widely acclaimed and awarded. She was a member of The Martha Graham Ensemble and is a magical and rebellious performer of the stage. It may sound like a bit of exaggeration for some of our readers but it will not be a mistake to state that Madeleine is catching up with the legacy of Lt. Martha Graham herself whose endeavors are embraced by every artistic genre. The 7 track EP Chinese Bamboo depicts the prodigious surging process of herbs in parallel with the mighty knowledge that the time teach us regarding our own transmutative growth. The album is full of contemporary issues with Madeleine blending them into sexy, cool and sometimes even straight sonic perception. The opener “Mr. Jailer” with its catchy quirks entangle the listener into the deep world where the sound track ignites the ages old discussion of the soul being imprisoned within the human body. The track “Traffic” seems to establish the brand as it influenced the interactive event ‘Moving Traffic’ in India raising more than $5000 for those people who have endured human trafficking. The track is the melodious with its progressive style and flow. Another powerful track of the Chinese Bamboo is “10,000 years”; the track advocates for the nature lamenting the ‘online’ world. The track needs to be loudly lauded and the maturity of the effort of Madeleine can be visualized on this track. “Queen of the Dance”, “Zim-Zsa” , “Transmutation” and “The Dreamer” are the other tracks included on the Chinese Bamboo. Starting from the opener, Chinese Bamboo will take the listener to different sonic realm and challenges to dare to ask the question to oneself regarding the concern portrayed by this promising artist.

Find out more about Madeleine at: -

"BeeFM Indiescovered – Madeleine Twyman"

One of the perks of the BeeFM – Social Music Experience crowdfund campaign is “BeeFM Indiescovered 2013″ compilation CD. We have collected the best Indie music around and wrapped it all together.
Madeleine Twyman is responsible for one of the strongest songs of the compilation…

•Who is Madeleine Twyman?

I am an Artist. My mediums are music and dance. I am a singer/songwriter, choreographer and above all else a performer.

•When you started your career?

I started my career in New York City, I put together a team of dancers and started performing all over; from the Bronx to Brooklyn to all over the east Village to opening the race at the ING NYC Marathon – I lived on the stage for a year and a half before focusing on recording my EP. My career was definately birthed inside those venues. It was exciting and raw and full of freedom to experiment, it has shaped who I am today.


Mr. Jailer (Single) – 2013
10,000 Years (Single) – 2013

•What are your influences?

My influences are Nina Simone, Martha Graham, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Josephine Baker and everyone else who impacted the world with positive social change through their art.

•What is special about you and your music?

My music is an extension of my spirit. It takes my personal experiences and translates them in a way I hope is universal. I use my music to inspire audiences to shift perspectives.

•Plans for the near future?

My debut EP “Chinese Bamboo” will be released in October 2013. I am planning a European tour summer 2014 and am in full swing rehearsals.

•What’s your motto?

To doubt oneself is to doubt God, He has given us everything and to trust in our own power is to rely on His.

•Why BeeFM included Madeleine’s music in the compilation?

When we heard “10,000 Years” for the first time, we were speechless. It’s very uncommon to listen to such a powerful song that comes from a young emerging artist. It is an absolutely epic piece of work and one of our first choices for the compilation - BeeFM

"Weekly round up"

The last new NYC artist to the Dig this week is Madeleine. She's a singer and dancer and her single "Mr. Jailer," has an undeniable reggae feel, which I like. It has an interesting narrative that can be a straightforward story about someone dealing with the consequences of crime, but you can zoom out more broadly to the things by which we may feel trapped, whatever they are. This is part of the forthcoming Chinese Bamboo EP. - Those who dig

"Madeleine - Interview and performance"

Madeleine Twyman is an Artist like no other. Besides being an Artist in a genre of music where so few females reign supreme, she has also combined a few styles of music together. Watch and listen as one of industry Spotlight's Hosts, Toni Belafonte interviews this up and coming Artist - Industry Spotlight NYC

"It's the little things"

First up was the unconventional Madeleine Twyman. Madeleine is the new definition of female authenticity. Madeleine has tremendous love for poetry and dance, which is evident throughout her performance (She travels with troupe of ballerinas, dancehall queens and pop dancers). She mentored under reggae musician Donny Marshall and with Sidney Mills of the Grammy winning band Steel Pulse. She delivers a captivating blend of singing, rapping and dance with a rebellious and empowering, every in your face experience. Checkout one of her performances at Sullivan Hall a few weeks ago, here. - Scene stealers

"Interview with Madeleine"

Pop performing Artist Madeleine is a singer, songwriter and dancer. A passionate and fierce live performer. Madeleine fuses Pop and R&b music with a unique dance style that draws on contemporary, dancehall and caberet influences. She is a passionate advocate of telling women's stories, aiming to express the female's experience in 2010 through her songs and lyrics. - Air it out show

"Mr Jailer - a freedom song"

About the guest blogger: Madeleine Twyman is a Singer/Songwriter/Dancer from Toronto, Canada. Madeleine trained at The Alvin Ailey American Dance Center in New York City and was a member of the Martha Graham Ensemble. Ms. Twyman’s original music and choreography earned her an Underground Music Award nomination for her live show ‘Madeleine’s Mind’ which graced stages at The BB Kings Blues Club, Webster Hall and The ING NYC Marathon. Madeleine blends music, dance and social commentary to empower as she entertains.

Since a child I have been fascinated by prison. An idea even then, that I was unable to wrap my head around. The caging of a man, of a mind, of a soul.

I could go on and describe to you all of society’s ailments and explain the heinousness of the prison industrial complex as I plead with you to heed the undeniable stats and facts of the disparities in the justice system…

But alas the audience comes to be entertained and I, the troubadour, the artiste, the performer must be beguiling and clever in my approach. In today’s fast food music industry any form of unpleasant truth could be mistaken for an irritating self-reminder.

Martha Graham said that Artists are messengers of God, and I do not disagree. Art, whatever the medium, is about telling the truth. It is our confession of the best and of the worst in us. Radical art is the kind of amazing work that The Prison Arts Coalition dedicates itself to with their countless examples of the healing power of this transformative gift. Art is the inspiration that lights the match of action in unity. We need art work that vitalises, galvanises and enlightens. Art that gives a voice to the voiceless and exposes the wrongful persecution of our brothers and sisters – this is what I have tried to depict with my song “Mr. Jailer”.

Ancient Egyptians believed the body to be a prison for the soul, and I do not disagree. I explore this theme in my song where we are all enslaved by our egos, the ‘jailer’ of our minds. What is the root of our mental captivity and what is our escape plan from the prison of our socially conditioned thinking? Questions I hope to engage the listener in as they have their own internal dialogue.

The man I describe in my song is a real friend of mine. His name is Manual Pinero, but he is just Manny to me. Charming, intelligent, kind. I looked up to him in many ways. His incarceration affected me deeply and truthfully, this song is for him.

Mr. Jailer

New single off Madeleine’s Mind forthcoming EP ‘Chinese Bamboo’

Written/Composed/Arranged by M. Twyman, P. Bardos (SleptonStudios)

Produced by Jon FX Music INC (credits include Gyptian, Mavado, Shabba Ranks)

Mixed by Grammy Award Winning James Bonzai Caruso

Mastered at Sterling Sound NYC

Tags: jail, mr. jailer, music, Prison Art, prison song - Prison arts coalition

"DRTYBSMNT live DVD interview w/ Madeleine Twyman" - DRTYBSMNT


Still working on that hot first release.



Madeleine blends music, dance and social commentary and is said by fans and critics to have a ‘magnetic and rebellious stage presence that captivates the entire audience every second she is on stage’.

"Females in this industry are a dime a dozen. Having a presence is important and Madeleine Twyman definitely has it. Utilizing her skill in music and dance, she is making noise all over New York City, she has the ability to captivate and entertain her audience with her lyrics and choreography. With lyrics equipped with messages that people need to hear, Madeleine takes her performance to new heights."

- Lady Blogga Journalist from

Madeleine Twyman is a singer/songwriter/choreographer from Toronto, Canada. Madeleine trained at The Alvin Ailey American Dance Centre in New York City, awarded a scholarship to The Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and was a member of The Martha Graham Ensemble. Ms. Twyman’s single ‘Body Parts’ earned her an Underground Music Award nomination for her live show ‘Madeleine’s Mind’, which featured her self produced original music. "Body Parts" was a social message with lyrics that expressed the glorification of plastic surgery versus God given bodies. "Madeleine's Mind" was performed in over 60 shows throughout Manhattan, was the winner of several music competitions including The Hot 97 Music Showcase and opened the race at the ING NYC marathon.

Madeleines'  EP "Chinese Bamboo" is currently available on iTunes and is a sonic depiction of the amazing growth process of the plant parallel to the lessons the tool of time delivers to us to enable our own evolutionary growth.

“I feel like a Chinese Bamboo, I’ve lived a thousand lives, each one of them has humbled me and shown me a path in which I do not walk alone. My music is a sonic reflection of my drive to play a role in creating a forgiving world.”
“Chinese Bamboo” is about stepping out of the mental comforts of social norms, we are than able to enter an unknown realm of limitless possibilities. I felt an urge to talk about some serious subjects and to wrap them into sometimes sexy, sometimes cool and sometimes straight between the eyes kind of music.

Madeleine presented  an evening length work, "God created woman" in the Montreal Fringe festival that depicted the global reality of being a woman today. Most recently, Madeleine presented a social inter active event using music and dance to help heal survivors of human trafficking. The event, "Moving Traffic" was sponsored by Partners International and featured musicians, artists and dancers from Canada and the US coming together to create awareness through their work. The event raised over $5700 for The Mahima Home in Kolkata, India - a facility for minors who are survivors of human trafficking.

Madeleine is passionate about helping to facilitate a global growth in positive social change through the arts, currently the owner of The Durham School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, an arts organization that encourages youth towards excellence in all genres of dance

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