Mad Elephant

Mad Elephant


Our music is soulful rock and roll with elements of funk, folk, and various ethnic rhythms. Mostly original songs, our material is geared toward entertaining as well as moving our audience.


We play like family because we are. Well, Curtis and Chris are twins, Craig's their older brother and Steve married our sister. That's the short of it.

We've each played in a number of separate projects over the years (from Blunt, The Ernies, Groovespot . . . and so on) but have recently decided to put our songwriting talents to work and get together on an original project.

What comes from such similar players with so varied experiences is a challenge to explain. Our influences include: all things Motown, Willie Nelson, Cream, various world musicians, Nina Simone, Sly Stone (Larry Graham), Hendrix, and many other great talents we've had the opportunity to enjoy as individual players and as a family.

Now that we've put this all together and realized our invaluable chemistry, Mad Elephant is bound to play and intends to keep putting music out there so long as there are ears for it.

Set List

Our last gig was approximately 45 minutes of originals, a few standards (folks, blues and traditional tunes that we've adapted to our style) and 2 medleys of covers including Black Magic Woman, Chan Chan, Remember and Dolly Dagger. Traditional songs that may be recognizable include Sinnerman and Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.