Madeline Burke

Madeline Burke


songs from the heart, only the melancholy need apply...


A girl, a guitar, a lot of angst


From Here

Written By: Madeline Burke

From Here

You left me in the morning light, and I
know I said I`d be alright,but I
guess I wasn`t thinkin` very clear
When I didn`t know what to do with myself I just
pulled a book down from the shelf, but I
couldn`t read a word thru the tears
You`re so far away
You`re far as any star away and I
wish you were very near, Oh I
wish I could see you, oh I
Baby I need to, Oh I
wish I could see you from here

Feelin` way down on my luck I just
got into the pick-up truck and I
drove around town the whole damn day
Then I saw your smile in a photograph, I remember
how you make me laugh and I
didn`t want to throw that all away

Oh,yeah, there you are
swingin` on the brightest star
you`re dancin` under that devil moon
I`m out here in the wind, when will I see you again
is the question you never ask too soon.....

Now I`m down upon my knees and I`m
beggin` livin` Jesus, please
and I know it won`t get me anywhere
so I pick myself up from the floor, and I
walk around the house some more and I
just pretend that you are there

Chorus: etc.


" Feels Like Home" EP - eSunset Records 7-31-07
available on iTunes, Napster and Rhapsody