Madeline Puckette

Madeline Puckette


Brutal Pop - Synths and heart accelerating beats accompanied by breathy vocals and refined melodies.


Small girl with big sounds is what electro-pop producer and singer, Madeline Puckette, is about. With a regular club performance circuit on the west coast including The Knitting Factory and radio appearances on Hunnypot Productions, Puckette continually turns up the beat. The new it girl in electro.

Oregon born songstress, Madeline Puckette, started creating electronica after her punk band broke apart in 1998. Inspired by producers like Brian Eno, Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim, Puckette relocated to Los Angeles to attend CalArts for Music Technology. After perfecting the science of sound, she got to work in the studio creating music for her solo project and others. Her latest projects include vocals/writing on the techno-heavy hit “Wrecking Ball” which was produced by Joachim Garraud (David Guetta’s mega producer) and her upcoming solo release, Tsar Bomba. And, In late 2009, Madeline got busy writing “Ladykiller,” a single, which is out now on itunes.

On stage, legs and arms extended, Madeline Puckette calls into the microphone “Ready or Not, Here I come!” the vocals to her latest song, “Ladykiller”. Often performing in tight spaces like DJ booths, gogo stages and a top speaker cabinets, Puckette gets loose on the dance floor at her shows.

In the studio, with a PC set-up running Steinberg’s Cubase as her core, Madeline Puckette likes to work from the ground up: manually editing beats and basslines to eventually refining her high pop vocals. All this production skill gets her music on TV and on the net with high profile placements including Toyota’s online Yaris campaign.

With future projects including working with an emcee, a drummer, and international DJs, Puckette will be expanding her orb of influence across the sea of genres.


Madworld EP (2009, Lyon Echo)
"Wrecking Ball" on Invasion by Joachim Garraud (2008, Gum Prod.)
"Ladykiller" (2009, Madworld Records)

Set List

A set is 7-8 songs at about 45 minutes. Songs are very upbeat & club friendly. including
Black Market
Money Ring
Blown Away
Hello Wrecking Ball
Tsar Bomba
The Great Pretender
Devil's Party