Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Mademoizell is the most electrifying new singer/songwriter this year! With incredible energy she makes everyone want to dance & sing along to her music. She is true entertainment & each performance is a show with high production value. She is guaranteed to captivate your audience wanting more.....


As a second-generation singer, Mademoizell, watched her mother’s singing career blossom oversees with international fame as a Persian Music singer. ” Mademoizell recalls, “I was shown all different genres of music growing up and sang with my mother sometimes at her shows.." Mademoizell's personal taste with influences in classic French, French North African, Arabic, Persian, Western European and American pop delivers an undeniable excitement when she is on stage. Her high energy dance routines professionally choreographed have been called the new "Thriller" by fans and in news papers (Cleveland Daily Banner) fans have quoted, "she is better than Lady Gaga". However instead of being burdened by the comparison she takes it as a compliment. Mademoizell looking up to predecessors like Gaga, Madonna, Beyonce, Barbara Streisand, Donna Summer and other women who have paved the way, she chose to pay homage to all women with her selection of her name. Mademoizell meaning lady in French, as she portrays a positive image for young girls and women. She is gaining momentum with her distinctive voice and eclectic electrical sounds that has excited the music industry and fans alike.

She is a must for pure entertainment for your event. She leaves the audience wanting more and so intrigued. Become one of the places that is part of her rise and receive notarity as a location she has preformed at as she is gaining a fan base and healthy following.


"Muzik Makes Me", French English House
New York City's Monster Fashion Week TOP TEN !!! April 2012

Played by worldwide DJ's including Q100's DJ Mike B
DJ Astada NYC Tao

"Monster" Lastest release New Age Thriller
featuring Ray Lavender of "tequila"

Set List

Back Stage Pass
Do Right
Drop It Low
Hurt me
Let you Go
Love Again
One Heart
World Dance