Mad Feather Group
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Mad Feather Group

Jackson, New Jersey, United States

Jackson, New Jersey, United States
Band R&B Soul




"Discover and Enjoy Mad Feather Group"

by Taylor Wellington - State The Real Blog


That's Too Much (2011)
Reprise (2011)
She Mouths the Psalm (2011)



Mad Feather Group is a brotherhood of 6 elusive young New Jerseyans who sing playful little songs about love, opportunity, and the human condition. Their work has been deemed: "post-pastiche." It has also been deemed: "terrifically acceptable." .. Members include singer-songwriter; Dave Colon, drummer; Santo Rizzolo, lead guitarist; Matthew T. Hess, the bassman; Roshane Karunaratne, Buck Lee; percussion master and Brandon Tuzio; keyboards... Founded in early 2009, during the only truly optimistic winter of their lives, the Feathers started as a band's band that performed strictly back-to-basics-roots-rock under the moniker, You Know Them. In the midst of recording their planned debut in the summer of '09, the group grew dissatisfied with their conventional sound and decided to halt production and reevaluate their direction. Reevaluate they did. Mad Feather Group they became. .. After a short period of identity purging, MFG has resurfaced in with a fresh, more polished catalogue of tunes. These new songs quoted from a wider scope of sources (60's & 70s song-craft pop, 80s electro-funk, classic soul, alt-country, the "Chicken Dance", etc.) and had a certain quality that their initial songs lacked. That quality was no doubt indeed, the Breath of Life. .. Now equipped with shiny amplifiers, mysterious aliases, spellbinding on-stage costumes, and the indomitable personalities that they once stowed away in their young hearts, MFG are on the verge of musical manifestation!

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