Madhu Murthy

Madhu Murthy

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Melting pot Music that binds and brings us together. North Indian Classical Music influenced by meditation/devotion, Western classical/pop/jazz music , South Indian culture, and engineering innovation.


Trained in Indian Classical Music - Sitar from the age of 11. One of the first few in India to adapt lap steel acoustic to Indian Classical music at the age of 14. If invited to play the festival, I might unveil my customized Sitar or Lap steel guitar. Played Sitar, and Hawaiian Guitar at All India Radio prior to leaving India (television just coming in at that time). Selected by All India Radio to the finals. Winner of three consecutive All India music competitions in Sitar. Played background soundtrack for a few movies in India. Played fusion music with New Age musicians (ex: Joshua, Ex-Santana drummer Nivedano, Amarish, etc.) for about a year at a meditation center in India; other musicians in the US. Played tablas, Zimbae for chanting music (ex: Krishna Das). Have kept at the music despite being busy as a programmer, and being reclusive as a musician. Music is influenced by spiritualities of various religious practices. Have played for different meditation groups over the years. Have undergone several solitary meditative retreats (incl. Buddhist, Christian, Hindu). Partook in different religious denominations (Sufi, Bahai, New Age, etc.) all of which have influenced the music. Probably not required here but traditional in India to mention family background. Music is in our family - maternal grand father - famous cine music director, maternal grand mother - famous singer, dancer, theater/cine actress, paternal grand father - theater director (hobby), father - composer, theater (hobby).
Have also written poems, songs (love, devotional).


radio airplay - mostly back in India. Have not released any. Sometimes have played for charitable causes involving meditation centers - these have been sold (Ex: Ten thousand buddhas, Echoes of the Infinite).

Set List

Sitar and/or Hawaiian guitar (Mohan Vina) - Or my customized instruments of the same: Each of this will need a minimum of about 20 minutes. They can be chosen to played at the same or at different times.

The format for either instrument is the same North Indian Classical music form (Alap, Jor/Jhala, Vilambit, Dhrut) - going from slow to fast, wiithout and then with rythm.