The Mad Hungarian

The Mad Hungarian

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

If Houdini were alive today, he’d be extremely old. But not too old to marvel himself at Yurasits, The Mad entertainer who combines daring Escapes, mind boggling Magic & Mentalism, and insane Comedy to please the most discriminating audiences.


Tom Yurasits has taken his show around the world, performing for corporations, college campuses, & audiences of all ages, on both stage and television.

He has established himself as both a world class escape artist (holding a Guinness World Record for handcuff escapes) and a master illusionist whose astounding feats have baffled fellow magicians (vanishing a 1600 pound cow while surrounded by spectators live outdoors).

Tom is also a respected designer of magic effects. His creations can be seen in movies (Jackass II), theme parks, & television shows (including “Criss Angel’s Mindfreak”).

He also has an infotainment program about himself and another great escape artist from Hungary, Eric Weis (Harry Houdini), that includes a display of handcuffs and an actual pair that once belonged to Harry Houdini himself. There are also replica’s of three strange handcuffs that were designed by Houdini that have some interesting stories to go along with it. This show is both entertaining and educational.

Yurasits, The Mad Hungarian. He’d make Houdini proud. The rest of us, he’ll just amaze and amuse.