Austin, Texas, USA

“Madie is possessed of a musical spirit that beckons like a beacon.” - A&R Select


Pop country artist Madie empowers her music with emotional potency, offering energy and thoughtfulness in a sound that is simultaneously introspective and outgoing. Strong melodic hooks and lyrical intelligence are staples of Madie's distinctive songwriting and country music will forever recall the indelible mark of an artist such as this.


Be glad that Madie needed an emotional outlet for otherwise such soul-stirring and entertaining music might not have come to fruition.“Music has always been a big part of my life. It is my creative outlet and always provides me an emotional release.” Madie's bravery in wearing her heart on her sleeve through her songwriting allows listeners intimacy with an artist whose soul is deep and which knows a broad range of ideas and emotions. There is a richness to these songs the likes of which few artists can claim.

Touching the Listener

The emotional catharsis Madie finds through music is fulfilled by the act of making contact with others through songwriting.“It is my goal to write music that touches the listener.” Opening up the full communicative channels of music enables Madie to tap into a neverending source of creative energy as artist and listener feed off of each other in artistic symbiosis.“I hope that what I write moves others who have had the same experiences. My wish is that there will be a connection and they will be able to relate to the lyrics.”

The Artist at Work

Madie frequents the Opry Circuit and plays festivals all over the map. She has taken the stage at such venerable venues as the Moe Bandy Theatre in Branson, Johnnie High's Country Music Revue in Dallas, Branson on the Brazos in Waco, Texas and more. Madie nabbed second place at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Talent Competition. March 2002 witnessed her performing with Steve Holy at the Spirit of Oklahoma Firefighters Benefit and Madie has contributed her talent to the support of a number of other causes, including cystic fibrosis, Meals on Wheels, Partners in Education and the Palace Theatre restoration. Her debut,“Dream On,” hit the streets in 2003 and quickly earned her a stellar reputation, garnering glowing reviews. It received play on a number of radio stations, domestic and international.“At Last” alighted on the number three spot in the Top Twenty countdown for 2003 on The Majic of Austin Music, KKMJ 95.5.“Here Again” climbed to the number four position on the Ison Live Radio Chart in Australia. Madie is hard at work on her next album,“Once Upon a Time,” at Scott Reynold's Studio in Round Rock, Texas. She is writing most of her songs in collaboration with her sister Marsha Grace and also co-writes with singer-songwriters in the Austin area. Madie is currently working with A&R Select, the hottest indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


You're In It For You

Written By: Madie and Marsha Grace

Written by: Madie / Marsha Grace

You're there by my side but you don't hold me through the night
Silence is the only effort you ever put into a fight
And moonlight brings passion and promises you won't keep
A broken angel lays beside you, but you turn your back to sleep

I don't trust you to be there when I fall apart
I feel your hands but I don't feel your heart
And together takes more than me, it takes two
You're not in this for "us", you're in it for you

Sweet nothings are nothing when you've never proved to be sincere
You runaway when I need you but when you need me you're right here
Don't say you'll change, I've let you try too many times before
And now it's my turn to be selfish, I want so much more


Forgive me for this sudden end but it's something that I have to do
It's my fault, I apologize, I thought that you would care for me too


It's not enough, you're not enough
Never again, never again, never again can I let you in
It's always been about you

Run Away

Written By: Madie and Marsha Grace

Here is where it all began, no secrets only friends

You were there to save me from myself

Then the fall, I fell too fast to stop, so sudden yet so much

A shiver from the thought of just your touch


And I tried to tell you all I felt but, you'd just sit there

With your deep brown eyes and heart up on a shelf

So, I'd run away alone

To save my terrified love from hazing up your glow


You, you saw me, everything

All my strengths and struggles

But for you, I'm not enough

Not the piece to fit your giant puzzle

You passed me by

I was always there

I always cared

So, I'd run away

But it never made you stay


The truth you never heard me speak, as I'd watch you fall asleep

Knowing that these secrets were to keep

You'd confide, because you'd trust me through my lies

Don't know why you never tried, palm of your hand is where I've always lied


Then she came like a bullet from the dark, she captivated

And I never knew why I didn't measure up

So, I'd run away alone

To save my terrified love from hazing up your glow



The summer was spent in between

The distance was so unforeseen

Laid my heart on the line but you gave it back to me

Because you can't risk, "what that might bring"

In time I thought that you would see

But "just friends" is all we're ever gonna be

Once Upon A Time

Written By: Madie and Marsha Grace

Answers left to question
When I sit and wonder why
When did the stars I used to wish upon
Start to fall out of the sky

I remember when families never grew a part
Boys and girls didn't break each other's hearts
Friends were loyal and never left
Little babies never starved to death
Things are changing in these older eyes of mine
Life was different in my "once upon a times"
Once upon a time

What happened to the days
Of endless dreams and chasing butterflies
Everything was so perfect
But, perfect is a lie


They keep on falling down
Leaving holes in the sky
But, I still see beauty
In the dark of the night


Run Away
You're In It For You
Once Upon A Time
I Found You

Set List

Sets run from fifteen minutes to two hours. Set lists include both original and/or cover music depending on the audience.