Madiona Caesar

Madiona Caesar

 New York City, New York, USA


Born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Madiona Caesar always seemed to have dreams bigger than her eyes could see.

Beginning at the age of five, Madiona already had the creative "bug," and adamantly informed her parents that she was going to grow up to be Michael Jackson. Her father laughed and corrected the ambitious little girl advising that she wanted to be as famous as Michael Jackson. Although they initially laughed about the five year olds' firm objective, they took her seriously enough to immediately place her in ballet and tap classes. Thus the crafting of the artist inside her began. She first performed on stage at the tender age of five. Since then, she has performed in North Carolina, New York City, and Tokyo, Japan. She engaged audiences of song, stage, literature, and fashion as an actress, singer/ songwriter, model, and fiction writer.

Her passion being music, it is no surprise that in 2006, this inspiring singing and song writing artist promoted songs from a demo CD entitled Brown Cinderella, and gained international attention in the music world when two of her original songs, Smile, and Don’t Say You Love Me, were placed in rotation on Internet radio stations hosted by 365 Live.
In early 2005 she and producer, YZ teamed up, while she was singing background for another local artist, at the world famous Joe’s Pub in downtown New York City. YZ, known for working with artists such as Patti Labelle, Natalie Cole, and Mary J. Blige helped to polish her unique style. The artist has said he brings out the best in her musically. The result was several recognized collaborations, including the two previously mentioned works that were placed into rotation.

Prior to recording, in 2002, Madiona self-published, and promoted a series of poetry and short stories titled, "Without Love." She also appeared in quite a few music videos as a model, and dancer. Meanwhile, she traveled back and forth to Japan, performing cover songs on stages in nightclubs.

Madiona, known to friends as Doni, Madd, or Maddie, has a B.A. in Political Science from Hampton University, and a Certificate in Public Relations from New York University.

She is originally from North Carolina.



Written By: Madiona Caesar

©2005 Madiona Caesar

Mountains, oceans, clouds, trees
Butterflies, lightening bugs, memories
These are just a few things that make me smile
So smile with me

Do you know what I like?
I like a day in my life when the vibe is right and there’s not too much to think about. 2x’s

Verse I
When I open up my eyes first thing when I rise
Whether its rain or sunshine I gotta smile, I got a smile inside
Finding out what life is all about and even when things get me down
I know that the baddest luck will turn itself around
I gotta smile, I got a smile inside


Verse II
My mama said there will be rainy days (Oooooh child)
But clouds my child, they do go away
And we must find a way to love and (smile) forgive for past mistakes
If we weren’t meant to be happy, then never would we ever be (noooo)
So let it go and set yourself free and (smile) smile with me (yeah)


Laugh and sing and give yourself a chance
Even if you’re scared you’d better dance
Before you know this moment will have passed
So take a breath and try to make it last

I like a day in my life when the vibe is right and there’s not too much to think about.
Do you know what I like?
I like a day in my life when the vibe is right and there’s not too much to think about. 2x’s


"Smile" released February 2009
iTunes, Rhapsody
Live 365 radio stations