Madison Apart

Madison Apart


Madison Apart has a sound that many have labeled 'Dance Metal'. Influenced by rock, pop, and metal, Madison Apart breaks the conventional stereotypes of what a band 'should' or 'should not' do with their music. Melodic hooks and heart-pounding breakdowns have put Madison Apart on the map.

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Madison Apart - Kiss My Lovegun LP - 2005
Featuring singles:Goodmourning Killer, The Mistress
Radio Play: WGMU, DC101, WEBR Fairfax,

Madison Apart - Cancerfall EP - 2006
Featuring single: Retro Heartbeat
Radio Play: WGMU, WEBR Fairfax, WVCW Richmond

Madison Apart - Parties and Funerals - 2007
Featuring singles:Retro Heartbeat, The Sleeper