Madison Drive

Madison Drive

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Madison Drive is a six-piece band based out of Seattle, WA. Madison Drive pulls influence from the genres of Pop/Punk, Emo, and Alternative to create a truly unique sound that is on the cutting edge of today's mainstream music scene.


Madison Drive is an unsigned six-piece band based out of Seattle, WA. Believing in the idea that a band's success truly relies on its fanbase, Madison Drive has consistently strived to reach and connect with every listener. They are known in the Pacific Northwest for their passion, ambition, and dedication to the regional music scene and all its members. Through consistent grassroots efforts, Madison Drive has quickly driven their way towards the top of the Seattle scene, making frequent appearances at the area's top venues. Most recently, the band was chosen by way of online voting to play at the 2008 Warped Tour. The band was honored to have been selected to perform out of more than 2,000 other bands that entered into the national competition.


The Kids Next Door EP | Released 10.21.08
"Lipstick&Lies", "Nevertheless" and "Hooded Brown Windbreaker" have both received regional airplay. Over 700,000 Myspace Plays.

Set List

Sets contain entirely original music, with a maximum set time of one hour. The only cover song the band performs is one of Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold."