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"In the Stars"

Ethereal and seductive Madison Park serve up sensual and dreamy numbers that easily translate from the dancefloor to the bedroom and back for a full interlude of aural delights. The second album from the married couple is highly stylized and sophisticated and is many folks’ radar for their cover of Roxy’s “More Than This” which has been chart creeping and lurking on a few soundtracks . My picks: “All About The Groove,” “In The Stars,” “When Alive Is Alive,” “Other Way Around” and “Breathe.” - San Francisco Bay Times

"Madison Park - In the Stars"

Madison Park’s pop-oriented and smoking dance grooves off its sophomore album “In the Stars” will have you seeing pretty, shiny, silver disco balls, multi-colored strobe lights and a heat fog from all the glistening perspiration dripping off your body.

“When Alive is Alive,” “I'm Listening,” “Right Around Here,” “More Than This,” “Breathe” and especially the infectious “One Day” are highlights of the album.

If you like Madonna’s “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” you’re likely to boogie down to Madison Park’s “In the Stars”. So if you can’t hit the clubs one night and you want to shake it out, then Madison Park’s “In the Stars” will do the trick effectively.
- The Celebrity Cafe

"Madison Park"

Madison Park is loving the gays this week (And they’d better. It’s Pride week after all!). Our music magnate pal Arjan has an exclusive download of two mixes of their new tune “I’m Listening” which, as astutely puts it, is “a fresh dance jive with an '80s twist.” Sounds good to me. It’s from their new disk In the Stars, which is a pop-flavored treat. And, naturally they love them some gays. “"Gays keep dance music alive and well," Mad Park’s DeAnna Cool (nice name, eh?) tells Arjan. Give ’em a spin! - MTV's New, Now, Next

"Madison Park - Ocean Drive"

Sporting the beautiful and sexy singer DeAnna Cool (her real name, believe it or not) right on the front cover, "Ocean Drive" is the first single from Madison Park's "Boutique". Featuring seven different mix/remix arrangement versions and one bonus track "You Do Something To Me" (by Cole Porter), "Ocean Drive" brings you the talent and skills of some hi ranked producers such as Lenny B (whose credits include Britney Spears' "Toxic" and "Outrageous", Kelly Clarkson's "The Trouble with Love Is", Cher's "Different Kind of Love Songs", among others), the Source and Tel Aviv's Wilson. With such personnel you may well imagine that the result is a little more clubby and night-spirited (as opposed to loungey and afternoonish), and if ATL Magazine wrote that they have "one foot in the lounge and the other on the dancefloor" they're pretty much leaving the lounge with this one... What's interesting to note is that they are sort of tentative, in a good way, of going the whole distance with their approach to house. Except for the Source's trance mix they rarely become as dancefloor-ready as much other material that populates disco clubs, and even with Lenny B's production they preserve a genuine electronica feel that is different from, say, Spears' chart-toppers. Madison Park is really going for it, promoting an even sexier and dancier image of themselves and their music. Altough I see the future of this duo in the European scenes, I hope their expectations will all be met! They deserve it with all their hard work - Chain D.L.K.

"Madison Park - In the Stars"

Madison Park's sophomore album "In The Stars" is not a seminal dance album by any means, but the CD's downtempo approach serves up a very good winding down from either a long weekday or weekend of being on your feet.

Collaborating with the likes of Paul T and Sunday People along with the co-producing strength and talent of Nashville native Lenny B, the album grows in intensity not long after pressing play and you either slip into something a little more comfortable. With a fourth of the CD containing dance tracks sprinkled throughout the 49-minute CD, Madison Park shouldn't be confused with that other Madison dance effort, Madison Avenue. But unlike Avenue, Madison Park's female vocalist has a soothing and lasting vocal stream versus Avenue's overly synthesized, bubble-gummy vocals.

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The stand-out tracks that Lenny B has added his production oomph to are "I'm Listening," a feel-good club and ear/headphone-friendly tune that will have you 'listening' intently if you haven't already, "More Than This," another ditty that's been picking up club speed with each spin and is sure to keep and create that happy-go-lucky vibe going well after the song has ebbed, and "Breathe," a newly-found favorite track of mine reminds me a little of Everything But The Girl's Tracy Thorn on lead vocals. The track is refreshingly danceable, albeit on a slower note, and tranquil yet satisfying to the ears. Some other noteworthy and danceable tracks that grabbed hold of my attention were "All About The Groove" and "Right Around Here."

Overall, I dug Madison Park's downtempo club vibe. I think that that's where their true talent lies, although there are a few gems suited for the dancefloor, the majority of the tracks fall to within the confines of either a lounge or quiet living room, or even bedroom, atmosphere

"Madison Park"

Madison Park, the duo out of Atlanta that brought you Boutique (March 2004) are unveiling their sophomore release on July 20th. The album, In the Stars, on BasicLUX Records sees the duo up to their old tricks of catchy melodic house numbers, although hitting a little harder this time around. The album was co-produced by Lenny B (Gwen Stefani & Natasha Beddingfield) and features collaborations with Paul T and De-Phazz of Sunday People. If you are a fan of the more vocal side of house music and downtempo then you will be feeling this one. When many have abandon the vocal sound for the more trendy sounds of Electro house MP stays true to their original form for the most part. The duo have stepped it up a little this time around, but nothing that will offend their fans. Madison Park, formed in 2002, is James and DeAnna Cool – also the driving force behind the BasicLUX record label. They attribute their aural sensibilities to such influences as Everything But the Girl, Sade, Kate Bush, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Roxy Music which definitely comes across in their sound. In March of last year the duo A&R’d Roxy Remodeled on BasicLUX, an electronic cover album of the fab 70’s group Roxy Music. The album is a compilation that features re-mixers from all over the world. - BPM Magazine / DJ Times


Madison Park Singles:
"My Personal Moon"
"Ocean Drive"
"More Than This"
"I'm Listening"

Madison Park Albums:
Boutique, 2004, debut album
In the Stars, 2006, sophomore album

Various Madison Park tracks are in rotation on radio mix-show, satellite, and internet formats.



While best known for their Billboard Dance chart hits "Ocean Drive" and remake of Roxy Music's "More Than This", Madison Park is downtempo duo, James and DeAnna Cool. (yes, "Cool" is their real last name). A marriage of music and mayhem, the couple launched their record label, BasicLUX Records and produced a series of compilation CD’s, (New Sound Theory), which naturally featured tracks by the duo. After much attention to their own musical contributions to the series and other projects and compilations, Madison Park then released their debut full-length CD "Boutique" where many have claimed it was well worth the wait.

James (multi-instrumentalist/producer) and DeAnna (vocalist/songwriter/animal rights activist) began working together after meeting through mutual friends. They discovered very quickly their amazing compatibility and shared passion towards similar types of music. They knew immediately they both found who they were looking for. DeAnna further explains “When James lifted his guitar behind his head while playing and I fell out laughing I knew then we were a perfect match. Making music together - which we take most seriously also has to be fun. It's work, and it's always good to get a laugh on while you work.”

On June 20th, 2006, Madison Park released their sophomore full-length, In the Stars. By matching the slickest production with the sexiest pop sensibility, In the Stars is more than just pedestrian beats and bobs. This finely crafted electronic pop music floats through many different genres and moves both the body and the soul. Those familiar with today's modern dance music realize what a rare and powerful combination this is. MTV NewNowNext says "Madison Park's In the Star's is a pop-flavored treat. Give 'em a spin!" As a "Top 10" iTunes Dance Album for multiple weeks, the first Single from the album "I'm Listening" became the fourth Billboard Dance charting track for the duo.

About the music... Musically speaking, Madison Park lives in the dance genre, but is that the right genre for them? “In a sense... although we’re often referred to as downtempo, most would know us for our Dance remixes we’ve released. When it comes down to it, our music is pop infused with elements of dance, nu-jazz, and neo-soul. We don’t concentrate on a certain style of writing, as if trying to control or tame any influences that may have impacted us over time. (Influences include Roxy Music, EBTG, Kate Bush, Sade, Madonna, Ryuichi Sakomoto.) Our concentration, rather, is focused on the continuation of expressing ourselves through our music, giving it everything."

Currently: Madison Park just wrapped up a remix for Sony / Legacy of Billie Holiday's "I'm Gonna Lock My Heart" which will street in late February, 2007. M-P also just wrapped up a music project for TV pilot "Party Box", providing the theme song as well as additional music. On March 6, 2007 Madison Park will release "One Day", the second Single from In the Stars. The maxi-single features remixes by major dance floor players Mike Rizzo, Lenny B, GXR, Peter Haze and J.A.C.E.

"Luxuriate in Sensual, Uber-stylish chilled house grooves." -- San Francisco Examiner

"If you like Madonna's Confession on a Dance Floor you're likely to boogie down Madison Park's In the Stars." -- The Celebrity Cafe

"Madison Park is hooky, Sexy House." -- BPM Magazine

"The verdict? Stars in the making." -- HX Magazine

“Fresh and talented, Madison Park is making waves across the charts.” -- Daily Times Sunday, Pakistan

"Ethereal and seductive Madison Park serve up sensual and dreamy numbers that easily translate from the dancefloor to the bedroom." -- The San Francisco Spectrum

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