Madison Ray and All the Single Ladies

Madison Ray and All the Single Ladies

 West Des Moines, Iowa, USA

We have taken the older traditions of jazz, funk, rock, and soul and applied it to fresh electronic pop. We call it Stanque Pop. Let's dance!


Madison Ray is a soulful singer and songwriter homegrown in Americas heartland. His musical style draws inspiration from all of his lifes experiences from performing in festivals in Orange County, California to singing and dancing abroad in Tokyo, Japan. He believes that honesty is the best policy, especially in the arena of music, and in a fast-paced and modern world, he manages to assert his ...individuality while drawing upon the universality of the human condition.

In late 2010, Madison, with the help of longtime collaborator Chris Powell and producer Steve Capp, released his first EP titled, The Revolution, Volume 1 along with its lead single Activation! While this was a major musical conquest, he knew that he couldnt take his next steps alone.

Enter: All the Single Ladies.

After a thrilling debut at LOVE: The Naissance of Fashion Rock, winning the title of RAW's 2012 Des Moines Musicians of the Year, and releasing their first full length album "Starship to Mars," Madison Ray and All the Single Ladies are ready to "Rule the World!"


2010: The Revolution, Vol. 1
Singles: Activation!, Heart 2 Heart
2012: LOVE (single)
2013: Starship to Mars
Single: Rule the World

Set List

"Share the Starlight" set

Starship Has Landed/Red Alert/Sforzando of Lights

Tokyo Blues

Monster in the Mirror

Rule the World

Black Tie Affair

Starship to Mars


Heart 2 Heart/Starlight

The LOVE Letter/LOVE

Come Together/Billie Jean