Madison Sheane

Madison Sheane


“Just down the street from me, there's a little pub called Woody's. I ended up on their mailing list for their open mic. After I got the emails a few times, I decided to go check it out. There were some great performances - but one stood out from the rest. Madison Sheane. A petit bohemian girl with a head of untamable blond curls got up to play and started singing. The pub went silent. All eyes and ears quickly switched focus to her and listened to her every note. After the short set she told me


My name is Madison Sheane. I'm 24 years old and I sing, write music, and play the guitar. I've had opportunity to work with many fine musicians and play at fantastic venues across Canada. Through life experience, friends and family, I have developed my own music. When it comes to performing, I'm fearless and passionate.


Just recorded a recent Demo/EP out of Infinity Studios in Victoria, BC. EP available at, along with other live original songs recorded at The Cameron House and The Supermarket, two great music venues in Toronto, ON.