Mad Juana

Mad Juana


Imagine Django Reinhardt and Patti Smith fronting the Velvet Underground in a Bourbon Street dive and the exotic soulfulness and inflamed passion rises like a possessed voodoo spirit.


The members of Mad Juana change hats so often – from old-world tarantella to international reggae to downtown NYC art rock to the Eastern European gypsy punk of Gogol Bordello– one finds it difficult to envision a place and time where they don’t fit. The band, led by NY Dolls bassist Sami Yaffa on acoustic guitar, counts instruments varied as tenor saxophone, accordion, violin, trumpet and congas in its 8 member lineup. Front-woman Karmen Guy’s always-on-edge voice evokes the gruff caterwaul of The Slit’s Ari Up with such sharp teeth it’s questionable whether she made a deal with the devil for it. Spiritually, the originator of the band’s name, comes from Patti Smith’s 1978 book “Babel,” ties its disparate threads together with an overarching theory of swagger, theatrics and rebelliousness. Mad Juana is a band created for a block party if there ever was one… by Andrew Frisicano/NYC Deli Magazine
The band has toured Europe and U.S. extensively attracting ever growing enthusiastic crowds, playing multi-diverse venues ranging from LES punk dive bars, to Las Vegas street festivals, London art-house parties to theaters in Pais Vasco Spain.
Being compared creatively to the likes of Gogol Bordello, (with whom they toured in Oct. 2008) and Manu Chao makes a point but Mad Juana is definitely it's own distinct blend of musical styles mixing Mariachi/New Orleans horns, Balkan/Punk tempos, R'n'R and surreal textures of wall of sound and echoes of dub-reggae to a savory gumbo of pure explosive musical energy.
Director Fernando Apodaca (of Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell fame) directed the band’s most recent video “Valhalla” filmed on location in Zagreb, Croatia and Tijuana River Valley.


"Acoustic Voodoo" - U.S. release on Azra Records in March 2007. Radio and press rollout underway through Massive Music America.
"Bruja on the Corner"-to be released by Acetate Records 8/8/8