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The Interview Pt.1: My Resume

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Countless people want to be rappers today, and many have talent, but then there are those that have that something extra. Madman possesses that special quality and is ready to show it off to the world. This 6'1” rapper is not one to be overlooked. The name Rondell “Madman” Maddox might not be a recognizable name today but in time, will be spoken by many across the globe. Madman's sound is appealing because he takes what everyone loves from the best in the game, and converts it to suit his own uniqueness. His music is the tension and release that music lovers want to hear, it leaves them wanting more. His captivating lyrics draw you in and don't let go. Madman is able to keep his music interesting and appealing to many by using versatility, whether laying down a club banger or a street anthem. Madman gives listeners a message and depicts life's many sides, twists and turns. Growing up, Madman moved from place to place between Yonkers and the Bronx. Living with several family members and trying to stay positive hasn't always been easy but it's all a part of what has made Madman the rapper he is today. He has used his hardships to develop a thick skin that will help guide him through the win or lose attitude of the music industry. Madman has been making music since the age of 14 and doesn't intend on letting anything stop him. The main thing on Madman's mind right now is to get his music out there. The time has come to push through all the ordinary and make way for something fresh in the Hip Hop world. “Right now there are storm clouds all around but I keep my hopes up in case a cloud opens up and lets the sun in.”, says the rapper. He has big plans that reach beyond creating music including owning a record label, opening up medical clinics, and adding new wings to hospitals. As Editorial Manager of Spate Magazine which was founded in 2006, Madman has been able to divulge into the world of Hip Hop making valuable contacts and interviewing some of the industry’s finest. Through his work with Spate magazine, “Madman the Drunk Reporter” was created. This cartoon has become a big hit on YouTube as well as in France, China and the Dominican Republic. Madman is one that will be known within many industries, but as he says “I love music more than anything, right after my family”. Making a name in music is the closest to his heart and he'll work as hard as he has to, in order to make it. “No matter how hard I try, I always lose, but I never quit.” states Madman. Madman's charm, determination and universal appeal are sure to land him a place among the industry's finest.