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Madman Orchestra

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National Xtreme BandSlam Finalists perform predominately rock music mixed with hip-hop. An energetic rapper, sexy singer, and four seasoned musicians combine to create a unique, professional, and charismatic group with a highly energetic party sound and a kick ass live show!



Winners of Newfoundland’s 97.5 K-Rock Xtreme Band Slam, Madman Orchestra was off to compete in the National Xtreme Band Slam (XBS) competition in Toronto as part of Canadian Music Week 2005, where they passed through the semi-finals and into the finals to be one of the TOP 4 Indie bands in Canada!

This six-piece rock orchestra blends Rock and Hip-Hop together with crazy lyrics. They call it “Rap’n’Roll”. The band channels this sound into a unique, highly energetic and captivating live show. Madman Orchestra has shared the stage with Fefe Dobson, The Salads, High Holy Days, Classified, Thornley, and Theory of a Deadman.

The now 6-member band started out as a recording project initiated in 2002 by now frontman Homie Smiles and his friend, Powder (who had since left to study music). They approached GW [Head Engineer and Producer] and Noel Lee [Second Engineer and Producer] of Hi-Tone Entertainment with their vision of recording an album.

Soon after, GW [Guitar], Noel Lee [Bass], and Glynn Power [Drums] collaborated with Smiles as he recorded his material. As they mutually recognized one another’s talents and the potential of combining the young rapper with a rock band, Madman Orchestra was born in 2004 with the completion of their debut album “Out Patients”. Other contributors to the album include Boyd Bragg & Danielle Smith.

Once the studio recording was near completion, Homie Smiles, GW, Noel Lee, Colin Skinner, Glynn Power & Boyd Bragg began performing live shows. Shortly after, Bragg had to leave the group due to previous life commitments.

Madman Orchestra was in search of a new singer. Turns out it would be a girl. Singer and songwriter Lindsay Barr joined the band in April 2004. Madman Orchestra continued to win one fan over at a time in downtown St. John’s, and a few places just outside the capital.

But there was one morning in July 2004 that word came of a fire in the building that housed Madman’s master recordings, instruments, and one band members recording studio gear. With the cause of the fire unknown, there was no insurance. This was devastating. But it would not stop them. They eventually decided to find another permanent studio home.

In the meantime, Madman Orchestra relied on alternate places to practice and continued with the already-scheduled CD Release of their debut album “Out Patients” in late Summer 2004. The album garnered multiple nominations from MusicNL, had singles played on local radio stations, and the band earned the MuchMusic Alternative Rock Showcase at the ECMA Conference in February 2005. They were competing in the National XBS Competition.

Barr toured with the group for almost a year, but she left to concentrate on her own writing and her own band. After one last lineup change, the final member of the band is the lovely and talented singer and songwriter, Judith Morrissey (May 2005) and now Deena Baker (2008).

Madman’s sophomore album "What's Real or Not" was professionally mastered at Precision Mastering in Los Angeles, California and was officially released in October, 2005, garnering radio play both locally and abroad. It will be eligible for the MusicNL awards in November 2006. It was after the release of this album that Madman was awarded the performance of the coveted Sneak Peek Rising Stars Showcase (Presented by Warner Music Canada & CBC Galaxie) at the ECMA Conference in February 2006, where they also played 8 more times within 3 days!

The lyrics and rap style of Homie Smiles, the sweet and sexy singing style of Deena Baker, and the seasoned musicianship of the band combine to create a charismatic group with a highly energetic party sound and a kick ass live show!



Written By: Homie Smiles & Noel Lee

That’s right girl, I ain’t coming back
It’s for real – my bags are packed.
Hittin’ the road but my name ain’t jack
It’s a homeless Homie with a hobo sack.

I might jump a train or ride the track,
Hitch a ride on a camel’s back.
But to hear you nag just one more time -
I’d rather stick a needle in my spine.

I didn’t lose my mind – it ran away
Couldn't handle those things you say.
I just couldn't handle this crap today -
I just couldn't put up with your evil ways -

Maybe the power of a woman pays
That’s ok, I’m not afraid
Things done changed – don’t ask me why
All it took was a chat with the other guy.

I’m a woman with a problem
You’re the problem

I’m a woman with a problem
You’re the problem

You thought you had it but you couldn’t get it
Leave me standin’ – how pathetic.
Oh – like you didn’t know
I’m going to hit you with a fatal blow.

Leave you standin’ in a row
And knock you down like dominos
Sometimes it’s just how things go
And don’t think I never told you so.

Silly chicken, dirty tricks,
Stupid as a bag of bricks
Techno beats and crazy licks
Banging hits to get our kicks.

Ain’t selling out - just cashin’ in
Then throw our disk in the bargain bin.
This is real, don’t play pretend
I’d rather die than win your heart again.

Breakdown (x2):
Come on, come get it, gettin’ down
We comin’ with it
What's wrong, come get it, gettin’ down
We comin’ with it


Now come on, won’t you try and stop me?
Is this for real – it ain’t a hobby
Never writing wack or sloppy
Live by the pen, die by it – probly.

But one thing that ain’t so true -
I could never die by you.
With all those moods that you go through -
It bothered you how I chewed my food.

To look at my face made you sick
And when it was over, that was it.
But who’s gonna catch you when you slip?
Who’s gone hold out their foot and watch you trip?

Is gonna be the one who cracks the whip?
So grab a hold with the tightest grip.
Hang on by those fingernails
And face the music, ‘cause life prevails.

Chorus (x2)

Feed My Addiction

Written By: Homie Smiles

Feed my Addiction
Help me cure the pain
Kill me in silence
And burn my remains.

We all seen the struggle, what do you know about the pain?
I’ve seen those tears fall down like summer’s rain.
A beautiful little boy filled with lots of joy,
A parent’s heart filled with hope – broken and destroyed.
They feed off mankind like some kind of worm,
Standing on your doorstep – it’s everywhere you turn.
The only way out alive is to forget what you leaned,
Walk around half dead – my brain cells all burned.
So who’s next in line? Holding on your urn.
No one offers help – it’s none of their concern.
A dirty maggot now hungry for a dollar -
A dirty maggot now feeding off your daughter.
The baby’s crying but you ain’t got the right bottle
The kids are fighting – now who’s their role models?
I see your hate – like a time bomb tickin’
Lost and found – who’s ready for the pickin’?

Chorus (x2):
Feed my Addiction
Help me cure the pain
Kill me in silence
And burn my remains.

These fears I face now everyday
He's lost his way now as some will say.
Just look beyond those things you know
To find yourself here all alone
Cause I know that struggle, and I’ve played that game
These thoughts are real, yo I can’t explain.
I cannot feel this way again -
This pad and pen be my only friend.
Can’t comprehend your works of sin
Don’t recommend this evil grin.
When I've lived in disgrace, yo I’ve found my place
Just open your arms and feel embraced
Have a taste of my human waste
A dirty faced copycat can’t be traced
I’ve known the limit when I’ve killed my mind
Shown the commitment, never wasted my time.

Chorus (x2)

Every day changes, as I’m growing older
Everywhere I go – these people getting’ colder
Every door I open, another closes
Couldn’t see the big picture with a thousand poses.

Chorus (x2)

Can't Stop

Written By: Homie Smiles & Noel Lee

Now kinggroove got that bass line rockin’,
So now this party won’t be stoppin’.
Tell those neighbours, keep on knockin’
Just keep on with the bottles poppin’.

So come here girl and taste this chocolate
My rhyme’s so sick, they make you vomit.
Wipe it up with bleach and comet -
Drink it up like gin and tonic.
Blow it up like the hydroponics
Come on if you really want it.
Don’t pass that pipe if it’s crack you smokin’
Crank it up till the subs are broken.
Start a fight I’m gonna split you open
Think it’s funny – well yeah I’m jokin’ -
After the jam don’t know where I’m goin’
Maybe your house is what I’m hoping.

Chorus (x2):
Can’t stop these hits I’m making
Can’t stop those strings from shaking
Can’t stop these thieves from taking
All of these lines I’m making.

Now all morning long sweet love we making
Then wake up to a feed of bacon.
Can’t forget those scrambled eggs
And a word of advice, girl, shave them legs.

It’s not that often I get laid,
So I have no right to brag.
I’m a broke ass mooch making minimum wage
Reading rhymes on stage right off the page.

I hate my band I hate my life -
But besides that everything’s alright.
All my people’s just party tonight -
All my Newfie’s just party tonight.

Tight girls in thongs who got it going on -
It’s to you I dedicate this song.
From the Vancouver islands all the way to St. John’s
The East Coast got it going on
Come on, the East Coast got it going on.

Chorus (x2):
Can’t stop these hits I’m making
Can’t stop those strings from shaking
Can’t stop these thieves from taking
All of these lines I’m making.

N – E – W – F – O – U – N – D Land
It’s your man coming back again
Can’t stop rocking till I’m buried in the sand
Can’t stop talking -
Can’t shut up -
Just give me the beat and I’m a rip it up.
Gonna chew it up - then spit it out
Take out a napkin and wipe off my mouth.
I’m doin if for the money
Yeah – I’m doing it for the wealth
Ain’t doing it for the love
Cause I only love myself.

Conceited asshole – better believe that’s me
The H to the O to the M – I – E.
Rippin a rhyme so frequently
Every single rapper wants a piece of me.
But it ain’t easy to please everybody
So I’m a talk trash and just turn ugly.

And yeah – that’s how it goes

Chorus (x2):
Can’t stop these hits I’m making
Can’t stop those strings from shaking
Can’t stop these thieves from taking
All of these lines I’m making.

Can’t stop.


“Out Patients” – 2004
- Debut Album, 10 tracks plus one hidden track
- Two singles, “Danielle’s Song”, and “Farewell” garnered airplay on CKIX-FM (99.1 HITS FM), CHOZ-FM (OzFM), CBC Radio, and CHMR (campus radio)
- A third single “Verbal Soup” also received airplay on CHMR
- Nominated for four 2004 MIANL (Music Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador) Awards

”What’s Real or Not” – 2005
- Sophomore Album, 11 tracks, professionally mastered @ Precision Mastering, Los Angeles, CA
- Officially released on October 8, 2005
- “Problem” and "Feed my Addiction" have received airplay on CKIX-FM (HITS FM), CHOZ-FM (OzFM), CHMR, as well as CKEC Radio in New Glasgow, NS. "Problem" also received airplay in Charlottetown, PEI's Magic 93.

Set List

Madman Orchestra can do a variety of set-lengths, up to 2 hours long, depending on the event.

The band currently has 20 songs, 100% original, with the list constantly growing.

Song titles:
Madman's Mind
Can't Stop
Chronic in my Pocket
Money (where your mouth is)
Watch how we do it
Angel from the Darkside
Rip it Up
Bring It
One More Time Around
Hip Hop Story
Verbal Soup
Danielle's Song
Dim Street Lights
Island in the Sea
Battle Scars
Feed my Addiction
Born & Raised
What's Real or Not