Mad Mansley

Mad Mansley


Mad Mansley's music can not really be categorized under one specific genre, due to their wide range of sound and feel. They are best described as an emotional powerhouse; having the ability to be both dark and melodic, and yet still stay true to classic rock and the blues.


Definition: MAD (mãd) MANSLEY (mãns'lê), n :

(1) a condition resulting from the seperation of emotion from tragedy: multiplied by the power derived from anger, (2) energy that is released when passion is combined with artistic expression, (3) a state of mind, colored black by the eyes of sorrow; set free by the light of hope.


Mad Mansley is four devoted individuals that are driven by the power and emotion that is felt from within their music. Bound by the passion for success, this group is eager for any opportunity to share their music to the public.

Mad Mansley's infancy stage began in the fall of 2002 in the small Western Washington town of Enumclaw. Jared channeled the floodgates of an emotional divorce into his first love; music. He along with Jeremy, Bryan and Glenn colaborate to produce complex music that flows with emotion and power.

Jared's musical background began when he was two years old and his mom would dance around the room with him in her arms to Neil Diamond and Abba. He formed his first band "Joycraft" at the age of 18.

The heartbeat of Mad Mansley, Jeremy, was first introduced to music world at age 12. Drumming was introduced when his father gave him his old ’65 Ludwig classic 4 piece drum set. It was the beginning of one of the greatest things man can experience – the ability to focus every ounce of creativity and emotion into the one thing that makes him feel more alive than anything else in the world – music.

The element of bass is brought to you by Bryan, aka Sparky. Finding no success in his endeavors to create the ultimate band, Bryan was on the verge of giving up when he got a call from his old friend Jared. He currently shares a good portion of the writing.

As lead guitarist Glenn also takes it upon himself to add the element of comedy to the band. His antics and wacky humor may not ever be seen onstage, however he keeps Mad Mansley on their toes.

The bands that have influenced these individuals include Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Pearl Jam, Metallica and Tool.

Mad Mansley is currently putting the finishing touches on their self titled debut album. This is due out at the end of April 2006. The band is currenlty rehearsing for shows, and is available for bookings.



Written By: Jared Ray, Mad Mansley

Come one at a time, single file line,
Don't push or shove or plough through,
Can't you read the sign?
All these colors come flashin so fast at me, Can't tell yellow from red, If I had confidence at all I'd say, Full esteem ahead.

Trippin daisys, dandelion dew drops,
Saturate the ground,
Many great fleshly desires come from not properly feeding the sound.
Step side, pass on through,
Come and ride this train.
Grey, dark, pitch black,
God I hate the rain.

You try to leave them behind,
The certain ones that lied to you,
Tread light, don't interupt the pattern divine.

What does it mean when your shadow leaves you, To find another host?
To be abandoned, left behind,
By yourself the one who loves you the most?
Kick back, seduction of the gun,
Wipe the pistol clean.
In the gunpowder residue,
Lies the signature of your name.

You try to leave it behind,
Step around the beaten path.
But your tell-tale heart won't allow it to burn.


Written By: Jared Ray, Mad Mansley

This is the place where we run wild and free, Majestic skys for you, for me.
This is the time just the two of us,
The place where passion bonds with trust.

The tide is high but I'm on your side,
So jump aboard and we shall ride.
Open your mind and you will see,
The vast oceans and the Seven Seas.

Lets run and hde, lets run and we'll hide



Written By: Jared Ray, Mad Mansley

I've been at war with this for sometime.
Look in my eyes when you ask if I'm fine.
Is it chance or fate that has brought me here?
I would grab the wheel if I had the power to steer.
I would end it all but the beast, it keeps me in line.

The only ally I have is Mr. Blue.
He tells me when to stay and when to move.
For I find myself now on the run,
For something I may or may not have done.
Will they lock me up, or use me for something new?

Got the weight of the world hanging over my shoulder, "I can't remember anything" I told her, Its a constant struggle 'tween good and bad, Don't piss me off you wouldn't like me mad.
Is it me, or the world that seems to be getting colder?

Here it comes again,
Same as its always been,
That old familiar sting,
My eyes turn to green,
Unleash the rage,
Release him from his cage,
I'm running out of time,
Who will we murder this time?

I'm still alive though this suffering survives and it takes over me never letting me be all the man that I am wandering this desolate land observing all this pain that I caused here again.



CD: Mad Mansley (self-titled debut album): April, 2006 (Independant label)

EP #1
EP #2

CD Baby to have debut album available soon.

Set List

Selected songs from the debut album, plus a couple of covers. Typical set list can vary from 45 - 60 mins.