Madness Becomes Method

Madness Becomes Method

 Everett, Washington, USA

Madness Becomes Method is an experimental rock band whose members switch between instruments (including accordion, trombone, and stylophone) onstage and jump around a lot. The songs are stylistically different, using elements of punk, electro, ska, and traditional music.


This is a local review of us:
"Madness Becomes Method is a 5-piece rock band from Everett Washington. The style of their music changes dramatically from song to song, but each exhibit elements of rock, pop, and avant garde. Their high energy live shows tend to be borderline performance art as their lineup of instruments changes between each song (sometimes including the accordion, trombone, and multiple drum sets). Their live set often includes doses of punk, electronica, grunge, glimmery pop, ska, traditional russian folk, and plenty in between. Madness Becomes Method recently released their first album The Wolfcode Trials, available online at"


The Wolfcode Trials (2011) Full-Length Album