A pianist, keyboardist and composer, this Atlanta-based artist blends jazz, fusion and funk. She has performed around the world and won several awards in her native country, Japan.


MADOCA [pronounced "ma du ka"] is a pianist/ keyboardist/ songwriter/ ASCAP music publisher and recording artist. Her style consists of contemporary jazz, fusion, soul and funk blended together to provide sustenance for your mind and soul. Madoca began studying piano/organ at the age of 7 and graduated the Senzoku Music University Senior High School in Kawasaki Japan with a major in Composition and Piano. In 1982 she received the Yamaha Nemu Music School Scholarship in Tokyo where she studied jazz piano/ organ/ arrangement/ jazz ensemble and theory. Madoca got her first taste of show business in 1985 when touring with Japanese national bands and also performing on NHK TV in Tokyo/Osaka. From 1990 to 1993 she performed with several American Jazz/R&B bands in Tokyo/ Yokohama/ Kyoto. In 1994, Madoca moved to Hong Kong where she performed/ world tour (Australia, Canada, China, France, Holland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America) with various Chinese major artists including PolyGram recording artist Jacky Chueng. Her selection, "I Don't Cry Anymore" was the winner in the 8th Song Writer's Quest in 1996, a competition organized by the Composer and Authors Society of Hong Kong. She has worked with numerous recording artists including Eric Marienthal, Paul Young , All 4 One and Australian Orchestra. "Music is my life" Madoca says. She performs with passion, playing with deep feeling and expression. Her image and objectives are classy & sexy. In 1998, Madoca met Guitar player / Singer, The Prince Project, when he was touring in Hong Kong with Jason Bryant from the S.O.S. band. Since that day, they've traveled the world as a group.

In 2003 Madoca moved to Atlanta, Georgia to form her band, MADOCA & Co., who has been performing throughout the Atlanta area including Centennial Olympic Park, the Philips Arena, the Gwinnett Center, Suwanee’s Town Center Park, the Bluelights, the Crowe's Nest, the Paradise City, the Meniscus Tavern, the Village Corner, AKA the Atlanta Women's Club, the Five Spot, the Blue Room, the Michon's, the Grape, Hyatt Regency Hotels, Renaissance Concourse Hotel, the South Beach Bistro, the KC Pit bbq, Villa Christina, Crystal Lake Golf and Country Club, Houston's finest, Sassafras, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the Art Institute of Atlanta, Windham Vinings, Emory Conference Center, Joli Kobe Bistro, Musician club, Justin's, Sambuca and many private events. In 2004, MADOCA performed in the Showcase of Atlantis Music Conference and opened for Chris Botti. In 2005 MADOCA opened shows for Rick Braun, Jonathan Butler and Richard Elliott at the Michelob GOT JAZZ Concert. She also has opened shows for Pamela Williams at the Sambuca Jazz Cafe in 2007. MADOCA also performed in the 2005 Lincoln Vibe Smooth Jazz Concert Series presented by Smooth Jazz 107.5 WJZZ FM, opened for Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena on March 2006 presented by Atlanta Hawks. Madoca & Company performed in the Suwanee Smooth Jazz 107.5 Concert Series and Jazz 91.9 Wednesday Wind Down Free Concert Series. "America is one of my favorite countries" she says. Madoca's musical capability and style are influenced by and spans the spectrum of Herbie Hancock, Joe Sample and Chick Corea, yet are uniquely her own. Paying her performance dues for the last 20 years, it is now time for Madoca to come to the forefront as an artist. Her band members connect with her and are committed to expose and explore their musical abilities in and through MADOCA & Co.. Her newly released CD titled "Mysterious Ways" (August 2005) is available at Tower and CD, with the songs "Chillin in the shade", "Eternal Summer" and "Hot Cookin' City" getting airplay on Jazz 91.9 WCLK FM, WBCX 89.1 FM, WRFG 89.3 FM and other college radio stations across the country.

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Colors of my Dream

Written By: Music by MADOCA/ Lyrics by The Prince Project

A: I can fill you in the shadows of my dream. I can feel your body lying next to me. When you whisper in my ear from up above
Am I dreaming or is this love?

B: Now tell me why, why
Do I have to think about it cause
I would rather stay in –side this dream

Chorus: I can love you in the darkness or in the poring rain
Tell me what kind of love you need
When you call me I’ll come running like an endless breeze
These are the colors of my dream

A2: I can smell the fragrance of your sweet perfume
I’d like to taste your tender lips real soon
I can almost feel your body (next) in –side mine
Am I dreaming, this dream is fine

B: So tell me why, why
Do I have to live without her ‘cause
I can find a way to make this real

Chorus: Repeat 1X

Bridge: Piano solo

Chorus: Repeat 2X


Written By: Music by Madoca/ Lyrics by The Prince Project

Verse: As I walk along a winter’s day, the leaves begin to fade away.
I was lost, with an empty space , I didn’t have the words to say.

Sub Chorus: I know it has been so long, for the chance to hold you in my arms,
Won’t you please take my hand and hold on,
As we dance in the wind of romance.

Chorus: I love you, everyday in everyway.
I love you every night, we will cherish this moment for life.

2nd Verse: Out of time how could I be so blind,
I never felt this way this way before.
I’ve been blessed with your tenderness,
Girl you know that I must confessed.

2nd Sub Chorus: Yes I know that you’ve been so strong,
Baby please it’s been way to long.
Won’t you please take my hand and hold on,
As we dance in the wind of romance.

Chorus: I love you, everyday in everyway.
I love you every night, we will cherish this moment for life.

Chorus: I love you, everyday in everyway.
I love you every night, we will cherish this moment for life.

Chorus: I love you, everyday in everyway.
I love you every night, we will cherish this moment for life.


MADOCA has released "Mysterious ways" full length of CD, August 2005.

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Set List

Enough original and cover material for 500 minutes

1. Beneath the mask/ Chick Corea
2. Sneaky Pete/ Patrice Rushen
3. For all we know/ Will Downing
4. Bridge over the stars/ Keiko Matsui
5. Elegant people/ Weather Report
6. Carmel/ Joe Sample
7. My favorite thing/ Luther Vandross
8. 99 flavors/ Chick Corea
9. Robo Bop/ Fourplay
10. Something’s going on/ Will Downing
11. Melodies of love/ Joe Sample
12. Tango in Barbados/ David Benoit
13. I softly surrender to you/ Down to the born
14. Spain/ Chick Corea
15. Blue Miles/ Chick Corea
16. Magic lady/Jeff Lorber
17. Without your love/ Brian Culbertson
18. Chameleon/ Herbie Hancock
19. You don't know what love is/ George Benson
20. A night in Tunisia/ D. Gillespie
21. Sweet home Chicago/ Ramsey Lewis
22. Someday soon/ David Benoit
23. Tomorrow today/ Al