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Press - Flavor Fest/You Tube

"The Mad Prophets, though, aren't a typical crew. In 1999, the trio, decided to ditch the style of hip-hop they'd previously embraced-with its rhymes about sex, violence and women-to explore a Christian format. The three MCs flow easily, and the background beats aren't that different from what you might hear on MTV." - NOISE magazine

"Morever, hip-hop's roots are as deep and traditional as those of the blues or bluegrass. The rhymed and rhythmic spoken word that evolved into hip-hop pre-dates its commercially successful descendant by centuries in Africa and among African Americans."

"A prophet is a messenger of God. We beleive God has sent us to the hip-hop arena." SW says. "The Mad comes from, we're not really happy with the message that's in rap music today We believe it's really tearing down people, primarily our people...we're mad at that"

"When the folk festival invited the Mad Prophets to perform, SW says they were surprised, and plesantly surprised by the folk festivals attention." - Detroit Free Press

Best Holy Hip-Hop Group

The Mad Prophets

This trio of gospel rappers out of Detroit impresses with its ability to fuse spirituality with street-life and still sound legit. It aint easy giving shout-outs to Jesus and still be respected by teens in the hood, but this group does it. Consisting of emcee's Quan, Temple, and SW, these micr pugilists are all gifted lyricists, well versed in the ways of the streets. They're hip-hop evangelists that aren't corny. While plenty of praised hip-hop artists are rising in the Motor City, Mad Prophets offer the most authenticity. - Metro Times Detroit


Street Theology
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Reasons For Rhetoric
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What hip-hop needs is MCs who are prophets and not in it for the profit. Enter, the Mad Prophets! These three MCs: Quan, Temple and SW are a unique blend of midwest/east coast style and bibliocentric content who make today's youth the "Reason for their Rhetoric." Their diverse beats, instantly memorable hooks, and vivid wordplay distinguish them among hundreds of other rap crews.


Often people will remark that they are seeking peace in the midst of a storm. It was in the midst of serving time in prison that SW found this peace he so desperately longed for.

This peace was and could only be found in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. “ For me, finding peace in the Lord Jesus was like a ton of weights being lifted from my shoulders,” SW recounts. Life had deposited SW in a state of confusion and distress without any direction. “I had plans for my life…but I watched each one come crashing to the ground.”

SW made a bad decision that would change his life from bad to worse. He began to sell drugs on the streets of Detroit. “ I was selling cocaine…and didn't’t stop until I was finally set-up by a guy I knew”.

SW ended up serving four years of a five year sentence. He explains how he was tired of fighting a losing battle,” this may sound crazy, but it was a relief for me going to prison, I was that tired.”

SW eventually surrendered to God,” one night I asked God if you’re real, reveal yourself to me. Immediately the Holy Spirit flooded my body and I felt this love and power within me I had never experienced. I experienced the peace Jesus spoke about in the bible. That peace changed my outlook on life.”


I don’t have a nickname or an alias, but I do have a message. The message I speak is one of redemption and revolution. First of all everyone is in need of redemption.

I rap about Jesus because He is the only means of redemption. Just as important and necessary is revolution. Revolution simply means a major change.

In light of all the mental bondage and vanity that we face today, change is definitely vital. True revolution comes through the renewal of the mind, discipline, faith in Jesus Christ, and action. This is my message; nothing less.


My name is Temple. I go by this name because this is what I am. I Corinthians 6:19 says: “ Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God?”

The Holy Spirit dwells within me through faith in Christ. Does filthiness and wickedness rule you? Or has the God of righteousness and holiness taken His rightful place ruling on the throne of your heart?

Stay true to God and follow the ways of Jesus. The world needs to see Christ through us before we run out of time. They need to see the power of God in us, the power that releases people from the bondage of sin.