Mad Rad

Mad Rad

 Seattle, Washington, USA
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Mad Rad is Superdope! They are Out For Stardom and ready to showcase their brand of 'Hover Music' to the rest of the world.


Formed in late 2007, Mad Rad quickly took Seattle by storm with energetic live performances and onstage antics that often bordered on controlled chaos. The release of their first record, White Gold, brought accolades from both critics and fans, and proved to naysayers that the group is more than just a party waiting to happen.

Mad Rad started out as an energetic duo, with Terry Radjaw and Buffalo Madonna sharing the stage and trading rhymes about girls, donuts, bicycles, and more girls. Their initial offerings were primitive at best — neither had much in the way of technical knowledge, and rough songs were recorded on analog 4 tracks and outdated home computers.

Enter producer/composer P Smoov, who happened across a live performance one fateful evening and had his mind blown by what he saw. He invited Radjaw and Buffalo over to his studio, and an immediate kinship was formed. The three shared a lot of common musical ground, an intense desire to create, and a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor that often made folks wonder if they were actually joking.

The writing was on the proverbial wall. Mad Rad was Out For Stardom. There was no looking back.

To categorize Mad Rad as a hip hop group would be a mistake. While they are definitely firmly planted in that genre, they continue to expand their horizons with lush soundscapes and gritty overdrive synth work. Their live show is unparalleled in its energy, and rarely do they play to a less than sold out room.

The past year has been a big one for Mad Rad. They’ve appeared on the cover of Seattle Weekly, played at the legendary Gorge Amphitheatre, and partied until the break of dawn on numerous occasions. Late 2009 finds them concentrating on songwriting and studio time, while playing a handful of shows.

2010 marked a time where Mad Rad elevated their live performance with sold out shows throughout the Northwest including Capitol Hill Block Party and Homeskillet Festival in Alaska. SPIN magazine has coined them "Seattle's Best Kept Secret." They have performed along the sides of Kid Cudi, Ninjasonik, Datarock, & 2 Live Crew, all the while stealing the show from their bigger headliners. With sold out shows in their hometown, Mad Rad is more than ready to show the rest of the world their music, live show, and personalities.

Mad Rad is releasing their second full length album entitled "The Youth Die Young" on December 7th, 2010. They are planning a west coast tour with Champagne Champagne in November and are poised for a big push with the release of their new record. The songs have shown a growth in their music, as well as their individual growth as men.


Mad Rad - The Youth Die Young
LP Release date December 7th 2010

Mad Rad - White Gold
LP Released October 16th 2008

Set List

Party Mountain
Love In A Strange World
I Want Your Blood
My Product
Crack The Blunt
The Machine
The Youth Die Young
Qu'est-ce Que C'est
I Love My Friends

Sets last 45 mins on average.