Madras Lounge

Madras Lounge

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Madras Lounge is rock music that takes you from the lowest lows to to the highest highs. When it comes to crescendo, try to breathe.


Madras Lounge in one word: Energetichardhittingintelligentrockmusic. But really, one word never truly does anything justice. Madras Lounge is a Rock/Alternative band that occasionally dabbles in Progressive territory. With a likeness in style - or at least influence - to bands such as Incubus, The Smashing Pumpkins, Led Zeppelin, Captain Beyond, etc, Madras Lounge has a very deep and very wide pool from which they can draw inspiration.

In 2008, Madras Lounge released their debut album "Redshifted." It has been very well received and continues to grow in popularity.

Madras Lounge is Rock music in the true sense of the word; their heartfelt lyrics accompanied by mesmerizing instrumental arrangements make for music that begs to be experienced.

Madras Lounge is back in 2009 with a new lineup and is returning to the studio to record their second album, "As the Storm Arrives."


Redshifted (LP 2008)

Set List

And They All Sang
From Another
Bottom Out From Under
Cowboy Wars
Never Again
Who Owns the Rain
Summertime Fool
Tired of Waiting
In The Night
The Other Side of the Mirror
A Beautiful Day For Change
When I'm Gone
Electric Tide
I Am One

Set times adjusted for requirements of venue