Madras Lounge

Madras Lounge


We are a Rock/Alternative band that occasionally dabbles in Progressive territory. Madras Lounge is Rock music in the true sense of the word; their heartfelt lyrics accompanied by mesmerizing instrumental arrangements make for music that begs to be experienced.


Madras Lounge is a Rock/Alternative band in Cincinnati, Ohio. With a likeness in style - or at least influence - to bands such as Incubus, The Smashing Pumpkins, Led Zeppelin, Captain Beyond, etc, Madras Lounge has a very deep and very wide pool from which they can draw inspiration.

In 2008, Madras Lounge released their debut album Redshifted which has received a warm welcome in Cincinnati and around the country.

In 2009 Madras Lounge began working on recording their new albums and the band is looking forward to playing throughout the United States.


Redshifted (2008)
I am One - free download
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Set List

Set lists vary. The songs are from the collection on the 2008 album Redshifted, and from the multitude of newly written material. The band prefers to play long sets in a non-stop stream of consciousness style.
Covers by Counting Crows, Smashing Pumpkins, Wolfmother and Muse.