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Falling somewhere between gutteral noise and surgical metal. Seattle's Madraso carves riffs into obsidian slivers of sheer animosity. The Band's recent The Theme of Consequence is about as original as a knee to the groin, but it packs enough blunt force and ragged edges to make quite an impact. The band will be a perfect fit for local opener Fucking Orange...Also opening, Go Patriot. - The Onion

"Math Anxiety"

What's that low, rumbling sound peppered with shouting and minor guitar chords? Is it The Jesus Lizard, crawling out from under a rock for a "reunion"? Is it Steve Albini reviving his post-punk band Shellac? Nope, it's Seattle group Madraso, which has ripped several pages from the books of late '80s Dischord Records acts to write its own chapter full of lurching, guttural, deconstructionist rock. The three-piece band consists of drummer Chris Jager, guitarist and singer Jeremy Curles, and bassist Doug Owen, the latter of whom spent several years in 'Zona, playing for bands like Tucson's Fistsized and Valley terror-punks Cancer of the Piss. Madraso self-released its debut album, The Theme of Consequence, last year, and is now in the midst of a "winter tour." And since it doesn't look like The Jesus Lizard is going to regroup anytime soon, fans of noise jams would do well to check out Madraso's brand of mutated math rock. - Phoenix New Times

"Leave the Fist"

Anyone remember the excellent Tucson band Fistsized. who broke up about two years ago? Well, the reason the broke up was because one of their members, Doug Owen, was relocating to Seattle. This week brings a chance to find out what he's been up to since he left, when his new band Madraso, takes the stage at Vaudeville Cabaret, 110 E COngress St. The Trio recently self-released an EP, the Theme of Consequence which contains seven rythm heavy songs that will appeal to anyone who misses Fugazi or the '90s output of Dischord Records. It's good stuff and you can hear it for yourself on Saturday, December 16... - Tucson Weekly


Part of the fun of going to shows at the Sunset Tavern is knowing that everyone will run next door at some point to have a drink at the Ballard Smoke Shop- a detour that has saved many from enduring an unapetizing opener. No such escapes will be necessary this evening, as all three bands on this bill are worth your time and money. The literature loving lotharios BloodHag will sharpen your senses, and if the formidable forces in Black Elk don't pulverize you into unrecognizable shards of black metal,you'll be treated to a scenic drive in the direction of Jehu by the good boys in Madraso. Can't really go wrong with that triple threat, can you - The Stranger

"Rocka Rolla"

Local band Madraso kicked off the night with rumbling, discordant rock that sounded like the racket of a hyperintellectual teenager living in a foster home under the watchful eyes of Dale Crover and Ian MacKaye. Admittedly, sound issues meant that some of that low end was more bowel loosening than the band intended, but their rhythm section still has the weight and dexterity to propel this band to more prominent billing soon - The Stranger

"Seven Nights"

Madraso recall the glory days of the early '90s Dischord acts with hints of the Jesus Lizard and Shellac. Shouting and minor chords are to be expected. - The Seattle Weekly


"#1." demo/Ep Self released in 2005. (currently O.O.P.)
"The Theme of Consequence" Ep Self released in 2006.

There are tracks from both albums that currently are receiving airplay on a variety of stations, both locally, as well as throughout the western half of the country.



Madraso is a 3-piece rock band residing in Seattle, Washington.

In the two-years that Madraso have been playing, they have consistently delivered clever songwriting in an intense manner, always leaving audiences wanting more, not only in the Seattle/Portland Areas, but at every stop of their recent western states tour.
Stylistically, “Madraso recall the glory days of the early '90s Dischord acts with hints of the Jesus Lizard and Shellac,” blending complex song arrangements in a manner that not only invites the audience out for the evening, but also serves them breakfast the next morning.

If you have received this bio, it means that Madraso is definitely interested in playing your venue. The extensive experience of the individual members coupled with the bands strong DIY work ethic guarantees that you can expect one hundred percent every time--not only in their performance, but promotion and overall professionalism as well

to ad an element of personality to this...uhh... oh yeah, our merch-guy hit up a glory-hole in SF on our last tour.