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Madre Tul

Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador
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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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SINGLE "Dawn after dawn" (2010)
LP "Frases Aladas" (2009)
LP "Madre Tul" (2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The name MADRE TUL (Mother Tulle) falls on the most extended belief around the World, since human´s beginning until these days, the idea of a Mother God is expressed in many cultures as the origin of all nature things. ¨MADRE¨ (Mother) is the spirit Creator and protector of Issis (Egypt´s Goddess), from Pacha Mama (Andean´s Goddess) and from Magna Mater (Minor Asia and Roman´s Goddess). TUL (Tulle) is a dancing symbol, it shows transparency, movement and continuity; it represents the knitting of the 7 veils that Ishtar (Mesopotamian Goddess) used to wear and Issis´s veil in which according to Plutarch, there, all knowledge is hidden Ander words: "I am all that has been, and is, and shall be, and my robe no mortal has yet uncovered."

The band Madre Tul is founded the year 2003 by the bolivian music Hernan Ergueta, integrating the band: The Chilean singer July Marin and the Bolivian flautist Nelson Vargas. The following year, more people incorporate the band: The Bolivian singers Katty Rougcher and Panchi Maldonado, the Canadian violinist Molly Janz, the Belgium violinist Miet Chielens and the Japanese musician Hiroaki Miyahara.

During the years 2005 and 2006 the Bolivian musicians: Gustavo Orihuela (violin), Sally Salinas (singer), Freddy Mendizabal (key boards) and the German Connie Nell (violin) among other musicians participated with Madre Tul.
Even though Madre Tul was born as threesome, it had over 10 musicians on stage, performing in different pubs, cultural spaces and as back up for belly dancers. By the year 2006, Madre Tul´s CD is published, containing versions of classic alive Arabic music and own compositions.

By the year 2007, Madre Tul´s project moves to Barcelona, Spain, with a new group of integrants composed by the Bolivian musician Hernan Ergueta, the Italian bass player Roberto Cantoni, the Spanish singer Beni Méndez and the Argentinean musician Walter Fernández. A year later, the Spanish percussionist, Hector Fon, the Italian singer Giusy Caruso, the Italian percussionist Enrico Stano and the Moroccan bass player Mohammed El Fzari gather the band.

In December of the same year (2008), Madre Tul starts recording the CD “Frases Aladas” (Phrases with wings” at the “Movilie Studios” and “Grasilaso Studio” in Barcelona, Spain. During this time, Beni Méndez, Giusy Caruso, the percussionists Enrico Stano, Wadith Allahut, the bass player Mohammed El Fzari, the violinist Gustavo Orihuela and the accordionist Hernan Ergueta participated in the recording.

At the beginning of the year 2009, the recording is taken to “Nomada Records” in La Paz, Bolivia, where two new songs are recorded, some arrangements are done, and the editing and mastering of the disc is totally completed. The singer July Marín, Nelson Vargas, the percussionist and singer Panchi Maldonado, the keyboard player Freddy Mendizabal, the bass, double bass player Alberto Rocabado, the guitarist Juan Pablo Villalba and the drums player Sebastían Fernández participated in the recording of the second part of the album.

At the end of 2009 two video clips of Madre Tul are published: “Cuando sera el dia” from the Album: FRASES ALADAS. This video clip is shooted in Barcelona, Spain, in December 2008. Its images are also included in Olivier Lalonde´s short film entitled "Barcelona amb llet". (Camera: Olivier Lalonde, Photography:Katalin Karolyi, Edition: Hernan Ergueta)

The second video shooting is “El Bragni” from the Album “Frases Aladas”. The shot is carried out in La Paz, Bolivia, in September 2009 starring by Alejandra Hurtado who practices the body modification technique called “Play Piercing”. The song and video clip represent the hermetic language of the urban culture hidden into the cities. (Camera & photography: Yvette Paz Soldán. Edition: Julia Aparicio and Hernan Ergueta)

The year 2010 in Valencia - Spain, he starts the new album named ¨Disuelve y Coagula¨ which first single is called ¨Dawn after Dawn¨ recorded with the voice of the Belgian singer An-Soppie Noppe and the acoustic guitar of Hernan Ergueta in RC-Studios in Xativa, Valencia-Spain and also, with the Balpetegi´s Chord and percussion band in Istanbul - Turkey. The recording of the single ¨Dawn after Dawn¨ was finished and mastered in the Atajo Rec Studio in La Paz -Bolivia by the Bolivian musician German Romero. This record had also the participation of Alberto Rocabado (bass); German Romero (1st. Electric guitar and arrangements); Nelson Vargas (2nd. Electric guitar). At the same time, the video clip ¨Dawn after Dawn¨ is published with images taken during the recording in Xativa - Spain; Istanbul - Turkey and La Paz - Bolivia. (Camera & photography: Hernan Ergueta, Alejandra Magne and Hamanci Production, Edition: Hernan Ergueta)

That same year, the Hungarian singer Hanga Gelli and the Bolivian keyboard player Carla Alurralde become part of MADRE TUL. They record the second single of ¨Dissolve and Cuagulate¨ called ¨The Glow¨. At that time, th