Madrigaïa offers a multi-dimensional performance, which explores the sound of the voice, percussion and movement. In over fifteen languages, they will create a unique soundscape where all boundaries disappear and where it is possible to celebrate our cultural differences in harmony.


Manitoba’s a cappella group Madrigaïa was formed in spring of 1999. Its members used to gather frequently and share their voices through song and vocal improvisation. From these creative sessions, the idea to create Madrigaïa was born.

Marie-Claude McDonald, Brigitte Sabourin, Ariane Jean, Sarah Dugas, Dominique Reynolds, Andrina Turenne and Annick Brémault have all known individual successes in the francophone music scene. They have also all been involved in other performing arts productions as singers, musicians, dancers and/or actresses.

The melding of all this talent results in a first class performance which has enchanted audiences ranging from festivals and concerts throughout the country, France and South America, to special performances for the Governor General of Canada, Queen Elizabeth II and the Lieutenant Governors of Canada.

Madrigaïa also offers performances and workshops in schools in order to teach children about the different languages and cultures.

Madrigaïa released its debut CD, Viva Voce, in May of 2002. This album was awarded a Canadian Independent Music Award in the World Music category. The group was also selected as semi-finalists in CBC-TV's national competition "Great Canadian Music Dream." A second CD will be released this summer 2005.


Viva Voce (May 2002)
Pleiades (September 2005)

Set List

Madrigaia's repertoire reflects the traditions and modern influences of many cultures. They sing in over fifteen languages, including French, English, Yiddish, Hebrew, Croatian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Polish, Tamil, Spanish, Portuguese, Xhosa, Aboriginal, Japonese & German. And they continue to expand their repertoire with pieces from all over the world.