Mad Romance

Mad Romance

 Hollywood, Florida, USA
BandJazzAdult Contemporary

Miami based luminaries perform original arrangements in a dizzying array of styles - including classic jazz, mambo, lush ballads, cha-cha-cha, bebop, madcap swing, a cappella funk
and a few off-the-beaten path songs from the 1960’a and 70’s.
Add to the mix the instruments they collectively double on -
sax, flute, trumpet, piano, guitar and percussion -
MAD ROMANCE presents a show that is truly electrifying.


Mad Romance has performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival, the Blue Note in NYC, Blues Alley in Washington, DC, and Gusman Hall in Miami. The members have all recorded on their own, and have performed with many stars including Eva Cassidy, Jon Faddis, Maynard Ferguson, the Temptations, Roy Hargrove, Ira Sullivan, Arturo Sandoval, and the Woody Herman Band.


Aim Low

Written By: Rick Harris

You want to earn a living? Aim Low!
It’s good advice I’m giving. Aim Low!
You got to play to the idiots - Oh, what a pity it’s -
Come to this insidious blow.

You want to gain employment? Aim Low.
Forget about enjoyment! Aim Low.
It is schlock you should pour on, appease every moron -
Believe me it’s for certain I know.

Karaoke machines are the way to your means.
“Self containment” it seems, is the way to go.
Soon there’ll be no live musicians only obsolete positions.
So heed what I say - ‘cause the future’s today, hey!

You want to be discerning?
Then it’s peanuts you’ll be earning.
So never mind for art’s sake - it’ll only make your heart break.
You wanna work ya’ got to Aim Low!


You want to please the masses? Aim Low.
The weasels and the asses? Aim Low.
The point of my story, is we’re in purgatory.
You want to work you gotta AIM LOW!


CD- "Aim High" - released February 14, 2011 - is being promoted and played on many jazz stations in US and in Europe

Set List

Pick Yourself Up, You Don't Know What Love Is, How Long Has This Been Going On, I've Got the World on a String, From This Moment On, Time of the Season, Yesterdays, Nobody Else But Me, You Make Me Feel Brand New, Aim Low, When the Sun Comes Out, The Thrill Is Gone... Many songs from The Great American Songbook and some pop "Oldies" , and some a cappella