Mad Session

Mad Session


Soulful tunes and contagious grooves, something for everyone! Live is living check out a show! Funk, rock, folk thrown in and shaken up!!


Mad Session formed in 2004 bringing the individual styles of four, into one. The music makes you move as the grooves are contagious, infectious and all over you. The music morphs from one thing to another yet maintaining that drive to listen, to hear what's coming, to see idea emerging and becoming tangible in the same moment. This is also known jamming, but lables suck. The music transends genres, ages, and appeals to the musician as well as average listener. In February 2007 bassist Dave Ryan parted ways with Mad Session. Eliot Bayless now plays bass and his presence has infused new life into the band, the music and creative process. Mad Session puts on a great live show, with energy and enthusiasm! Check it out for yourself!


3 days

Written By: Jen Nelson

When you Know that its hard
but you want to keep going
I see that you've tried and I watch you keep trying
For all of your days still hanging around to say

With everything that you know all the time losing your mind
And all these mixed signals I just need to know that your kind
So my question here is simply what do we find

When you know your mistakes but your fire is burning
you've learned what it takes and you know to keep running
for all of this time is slipping away to say

Everything that you know all time loosing your mind
All these mixed signals i just need to know that your kind
So my question here is simply what do we find


Written By: Jennifer Nelson

When you feel like you've been defeated on every front
you can't go foward can't go back you're so stuck
missing out on all the little pleasures
trying to get your life into drive but your trani it just died

Trying to get your live into drive
trying to get your lives into drive
trying to get your live into drive but it won't ride

Got this weekly gig down at this place in the center of town
where we're working hard for nothing and no one
but we set up our gear and we make it clear we're here to play
maybe maybe someday

Trying to get our lives into drive
Trying to get our lives into drive
Trying to get our lives into drive but it won't ride

Red blood comming out of my teeth gonna run like a rabbit and hail to the theif
getting cool here in the march air either wait till it's over or forget that you care
if you could soothe the argument I could arouse the moment and
what here is left to feel I wish to steel away

Chorus: (Repeat 2nd Chorus)


Written By: Lyrics by Jennifer Nelson Music by Mad Session

My imagination is my sabitor
you give a little I am wanting more
the whole world's outside this very door
undo influence will kill the whore

Across the road I see a resivoir
where you can drown with me forever more
your tragidy is that you're such a bore
the saddest part there is no calling for

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Pixy 103, Homegrown plays 3 Days and Met Funk
95.9 WATD, Yesterdays Memories plays our version of For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield
95.9 Tomorrows Dreams Plays Met Funk and Olive

Set List

Mad Session has over 3 hours of original material,

We also cover songs by artists such as Three Dog Night, Pink Floyd,Black Sabbath, Phish, James Brown, Hendrix,The Police, Buffalo Springfield, The Animals,The Stones, etc...

Mad Session translates very well acoustic, bringing out an earthy grit on stage, and maintaining the intensity we channel out electric.