Mad Sheer Khan

Mad Sheer Khan


Mad Sheer Khan is a great vocalist and a Indian Violin virtuoso. A crazy mix in between Jimi Hendrix and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. One of the best dilruba player in the world and the most Tribal Rock of all. Nico from The Velvet Underground, Michael Hutchence and Sting chose him, what about you?


One of the outstanding sound of the current Mundial scene is produced by an old indian instrument...
Listen to MAD SHEER KHAN and you will understand why !
Discovered in 1976 by the WOODSTOCK producer MICHAEL LANG, Mad Sheer Khan has made a high quality crossover music all over the world. Pacifist warrior musician, rare virtuoso and visionary, multi-instrumentalist born in the kasbah of Algiers, he always militated for less walls and more bridges in between the people of the World
Leader of the "TAG" (Tradition Avant-garde), movement of which he is the creator since 1973, he transposes his Afro-Asian origins (he studied with the greatest Masters the instruments and musics from Persia, Bengali Baul, Moroccan Gnawa...) to Tribal Rock sonorities to draw from it a powerful and subtle, unexpected and captivating music.

Signed in 1998 by the prestigious record company Erato/ Warner, represented in the United States by Atlantic Records, he composed and produced the incredible one and essential, "1001 nights", pacifist disc to unify who brings together 7 female vocalists from the world to interpret songs based on poems from 1001 Tales of the Arabian Nights in their own native languish : Navajo, Algerian, Israelienne, Iranian, Tibetan, Indian an Malian.

Mad Sheer Khan revisit the work of HENDRIX through the sound of his Dilruba (violin of North India), boosted with wha-wha and distortion, transposing the universe of the Voodoo Child in a timeless dimension, almost unreal, mixing ritual trance with a virtuosity and a rare richness of sonorities that the legendary left-handed person would undoubtedly not have disavowed...

Mad Sheer Khan will do screaming the Dilruba again. a crazy infra red distortion, hurricane into a jungle of swing. Not only to express the deep life hunger, but also the hope, the Peace need of the populations of those régions. Because Jimi, also didn't hesitate to give his answer to the Empire.....Mad Sheer Khan has just created "AYATOLLAH FENDER", to continue celebrating the left handed repertory , like a Electroworld prayer, lonely this time. Peace is like water, if you close its road, it will find other ways.

As many visited topics which are in the peace fight of
MAD SHEER KHAN, in the line of the rebel Seventies from where he is coming. This fifteen-track album features a solidarity call sent to pacifist American people, “US Rebel", which also fight against the abuses of the Bush government. Two magnificent tributes, one to the muse of the Velvet Underground, Nico, with whom he recorded in 1981 this same "Orly Flight", a hymn to illegal immigrant . The other one is devoted to EDWIN STAR and his so popular title " War" which transposes the Vietnam war to the current situation in Iraq ..
A title of hope "Awake" whose words were written for the music of Mad Sheer Khan by a high Buddhist dignitary "the 12e reincarnation of the Tal Stupa".
An album which awakes us, which surprise, rich of the tumults of the life, of sadness too often familiar up to the acid laugh, from the lampoon on political cynicism until the primal energy of the combative Tribal Rock.

His authenticity make of him an artist really special and of each one of his concerts an event which one does not come back unscathed...."
In a universe where all is arranged in boxes, MAD SHEER KHAN is resolutely different
A talent, shared since a long time with other artists, such as : NICO (egery of the Velvet Underground), SAPHO, L. SUBRAMANIAM, ALLA, FAITHLESS, MICKAEL RILEY (Steel Pulse), MICHAEL HUTCHENCE (INXS), KEZIAH JONES or STING.


Rahmann (Polydor 1980/ Musea 1997)
Talisman (Nomad 1998)
1001 Nights (Warner Classic/ Erato/ Atlantic 2000)
Samarkand Hotel (Nomad Studio 2003)
Demoncracy (Nomad 2008)
Chemy And Risk - DVD out start of 2009