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"September 2004"

Madsic almost reads like a who’s who in the South Florida scene with members from bands like the Mary Tyler Whores and the Wicked Screaming Squirts amongst the ranks. The band seems to have finally found their lineup after a grueling search for guitarists and drummers and are ready to
- Rag Magazine

"December 2004"

The following in an excerpt from an interview in Rag Magazine December 2004 by Joseph Vilane

“The meaning of Madsic is pure adrenaline rush mayhem. The name itself is all about the dark side of the music. It’s all about bringing out the ferocity and aggressive emotion people would feel when they attend a live show.
The music of Madsic grabs you by the throat hard and throws you to the floor.”

Full interview can be seen by Copy/Pasting the following link into your internet browser window and viewing pages 44 and 45. - Rag Magazine

"Madsic CD Review"

The meaning of Madsic is basically a person with pure adrenaline rush of mayhem, can only imagine the intense shows they put on. With influences like Korn, Mudvayne, System Of A Down and Hatebreed gives you a good idea what the bands overall sound is similar to.

Evil's keyboard adds cool effects overlapping the intense flow the band is trying to dish out. The effects help the songs out that without them might be kind of stale. The keyboards kind of give it that Static-X feel that mixes awesome with the guitars. The slap bass style is very well done to add to the sound. Guitars and drumming pretty straightforward stuff with a few twists here and there to make them different. Madsic is a very in your face kind of sound with lots effects and nu-metal like riffs with aggressive vocals that at times sound a little to rap-ish for my tastes but fit well for the bands sound. The tracks that stood out the most for me were "Buried in Skin" and "Tremor" both has great sound that marks this band apart from other acts that have a similar style. I also liked the track "Pressure" reminds me of a bum or some freak thats asking you for money or something while you want nothing to do with the dude he keeps coming back.

Overall I will be honest this isn't usually the stuff I would pick up but did enjoy the demo. For me Korn should pick this up this is what they should sound like heavy and intense not like the bullshit they normally put out. I like how the cd was put together along with how the band presents them selves very professional but on a low-budget nice work guys. Pick this cd up at their next show after your done moshing it up and feeling your heart catch back up.

-Esoteric ED
- Necrometal Webzine - Esoteric Ed – 7/9/2005

"Prison Of Hate CD - ReviewNecrometal Webzine"

Madsic brings us a another demo titled “Prison Of Hate”. They have seemed to change their style a bit on some tracks but still have that orginal sound they created from their first release. Madsic is a very in your face fast paced terror squad with a boatload of pissed out presence locked inside their prison of hate. Threw out the demo there are some killer keyboards kind of in the vein of Static X mixed with some maniacs vocals shouting out his problems of life. Madsic to me on this demo sounds like a mix of Static-X, Fear Factory,old-Korn and the pace and weirdness of System Of A Down. The tracks I liked the most and be sure to check out are “Demize” & “Tremor”.
After listening to their first demo a couple times and now this demo the band has improved their sound a lot. Their songs are pretty catchy and get you going for the most part. I still don’t care for the more rapish stuff in the music but that’s their style I guess. Overall worth checking out the guitars and drums are pretty straight forward nu-metal mix. I would like to see these guys put some leads into the songs but that’s just me. Keep working on this guys it’s getting better every demo.

-Esoteric Ed
- Necrometal Webzine - Esoteric Ed – 3/21/2006

"Prison Of Hate CD Review- Sea Of Tranquility"

Formed in 2004, Madsic plays a mix of modern metal, hardcore and industrial with occasional nu-metal touches that bring to mind bands like Mudvayne and System of a Down. Fast, furious scream vocals are aplenty, almost in a latter day Pantera style, with rapid-fire guitars and pounding double drum bass rhythms. The first two pieces "Distance of Hate" and "Tremor" showcase an almost mindless heaviness with little to no room for musical development, as they are filled with throat-ripping hardcore vocals and God Hates Us All era Slayer riffery. What seems to stand out most is the vivid bass sound, perfectly mixed and separated from the other instruments. A bit like Fear Factory, there is always room for brief bass solos that hop in and out of the tunes, and even characterize some of the songs, as the bass and guitars are centred around it. Best noticed on "Outside Myself", perhaps the best song on this demo, the bass is loud and throbbing, and has an extra impact on the music with the inclusion of somewhat symphonic synth melodies, industrial effects, and half-sung, half-spoken vocal harmonies. "Underneath" is their most industrial metal track, with incessant double bass drums, huge synth melodies, and screamed brutal vocals.
For a demo, the sound quality of Prison of Hate is highly impressive and the music presented here should resonate well with fans of Pantera, Soulfly, Fear Factory, and even Slipknot.

Murat Batmaz
- Sea Of Tranquility Webzine – Murat Batmaz – 12/10/2005

"Prison Of Hate CD Review - Unsigned Music Mag"

Just jam the hell out, that is all I have to say. I really like this group. I’m not your biggest metal fan but this EP is HOT! Hey listen, there’s music in them there tracks, it’s not just a bunch of noise. A great balance straight across. I can see the corwds going crazy from the energy. Short but kick ass fo sho. - Unsigned Music Mag – April 2006 Issue


Prison Of Hate 9 Song CD, released in 2005



Madsic was formed in late 2003, shortly after stormed into the local music scene; bringing with them sounds with touches of metal, hardcore, and industrial blended with darkness and showmanship. Although Madsic is a fairly new band, their reputation has already been established. The members of Madsic have been involved in the south Florida music scene for years. This band’s influences include such bands as: Hatebreed, Chimaira, Soulfly, Slipknot and System of a Down. Madsic’s music is a prevailing sound that is sure to penetrate and explode in the music scene.

Madsic is already rapidly accumulating accomplishments. This band has played shows from Miami to Tallahassee, including such popular venues as: The Culture Room, The Kelsey Club and The Factory. In 2004, Madsic won second place at Ragfest 3 beating out over 25 bands. The local press has also found an interest in this Ft. Lauderdale based band. Rag Magazine did a two page interview on Madsic in December 2004. In January 2005, 2 Madsic tunes were included on a BMX Video from In April 2005, they performed at a Major Label Showcase in Tallahassee for Hollywood, Epic, and Dreamscape Records. And in May 2005, an interview at Mega Metal Online The interview can be found at, In 2006, their song Distance Of Hate was picked to appear on the Sonic Onslaught Vol. 2 Compilation CD along with bands such as Soil, Mushroomhead, Powerman 5000, Vanilla Ice, and Sworn Enemy. Also, they have received endorsement through Switch Music. This driven group of musicians has no limit of energy and is determined to conquer the underground music scene.

Madsic’s fan base is vastly growing every day. Since 2004, they have received over 121,000 views at their Number One Music website at, and have had their songs there reaching number 1 on a chart of over 4,800 songs posted.
The band’s mailing list consists of over 1,000 active members. Madsic has also opened an account with and has gained over 53,000 new fans from around the world. This dedicated band is sure to make a name for themselves in the local scene and beyond.