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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2006
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"Converse "Rubber Tracks" article"

Madwiz Brooklyn MC Madwiz strikes a thoughtful pose in between takes at Converse Rubber Tracks. Watch his video for the raw + unfiltered “ Paralysis ” - Converse

""Dramatic" write up from TEAM BACKPACK"

Brooklyn die hard, Madwiz dropped a banger today entitled “Dramatic” produced by H. Illa. Be sure to check out this whole video and peep the beat change half way through tho! -

""Dramatic" write-up from Ivie Ani for FLTBYS"

If Brooklyn is the Mecca of indie rap, then Madwiz is the one to pray to.
This is what we’ve all been waiting for.
The Clinton Hill rapper released his latest visual for the song “Dramatic” produced by h. iLLa aka History, and directed by aiP & Chimp. “Dramatic” is set to appear on the upcoming EP, Madwizdom.
The song is an homage to golden era-esque hip hop in its rawest form; blazing hot lyrics atop a quality instrumental, and a larger than life emcee with the charisma and spirit to bring those rhymes to life. The appeal of the track lies at the crux of refreshing vibes and nostalgia. “Dramatic” awakens our ears to a style that sounds like nothing we’ve heard from new young rappers, but at the same time arouses the taste buds on our musical palettes and reminds listeners of that old 90s NY rap flavor.
“Dramatic” is only the third music video Madwiz has released throughout
the span of two years. During that time, he’s been dropping tracks sporadically to keep
us satisfied. In the fall he put out a short visual for the crowd-pleaser, “F*ck Everything.” He also delivered a verse on “3 Ways to Respect” with fellow Mogul Club members and burgeoning young stars Radamiz–whose video gets spins on MTV Jams regularly–and King Critical, from the notorious Best of Brooklyn Cypher video that broke the internet.
In about 24 hours of hitting YouTube, the “Dramatic” video is nearing 1,000 views and has already been covered by a plethora of hip hop mags and blogs. It’s safe to say that the world’s been waiting for this kid. Madwiz has been performing “Dramatic” live at the most popular spots in NY, hitting stages like Webster Hall and headlining the one and only SOB’s. They say that’s where legends are born….And with his latest release, we just might be witnessing a new birth.
See for yourself. Watch “Dramatic” right here: - FLTBYS

"Interview #3 (EXCLUSIVE Interview at SOB's)"

Ivie interviews Madwiz At the legendary SOB's - FLTBYS

"Madwiz - Check It Out (Watcha Got For Me?) [Unsigned Artist]"

New Music Video from BROOKLYN'S Very Own, Madwiz. MADWIZDOM Coming Soon! - World Star Hip Hop

"Interview #1 (FLTBYS Morning Juice Ep. 5)"

Flight Boys Presents Episode 5 of Morning Juice featuring the one and only Madwiz Da Bandit AKA Madwiz The 1%. Checkout the exclusive interview with madwiz da bandit. He talks with us about who he is, what he wants to become and what he is unwilling to compromise as an artist. Tune in. - FLTBYS

""Dramatic" write-up from RESPECT Mag"

Just imagine, me ruling the world, you want a fragment?
We had em, but every n*gga can’t fit a magnum
So all you little n*ggas gotta do is just chill
Ya’ll coming up short like Bushwick Bill
Madwiz has been appeared to be a bit dormant on the Youtube sphere if you haven’t been to any of his recent shows but he’s back with vengeance with the premiere of his newest visual, “Dramatic“. The brand new video, directed/edited by Brooklyn based director AiP and ChimP, showcases the MC in his Clinton Hill home spittin’ from the heart aggressively and passionately, perfectly in sync with the vibe of the visual. The record itself boasts a high level of lyricism mixed with personality, bouncing over the upbeat instrumental that eventually soothes itself into the nostalgic NY sound in the second half. We caught up with Madwiz to express why he believes this video should be watched and his answer was, well, short and straight to the point:
This shit right here is the return of rap from the heart, to the heart. Just to show that Brooklyn is still the Mecca of this whole genre.
Representing the NY collective Mogul Club, Madwiz makes sure to jam pack every aesthetic necessary in an upcoming Brooklyn MC. The clip also shows Wiz performing the record live while headlining at venues such as SOB’s and Palisades. This record will also appear on his upcoming project “Madwizdom” that has no official release date but can be expected this year. Check out the visual down below and be sure to keep up to date by following him on Twitter here. - RESPECT Magazine

""Dramatic" write-up from TheRapFest"

Brooklyn MC Madwiz is putting in work for 2015. He's already in preparation for his upcoming project Madwizdom and in support of that, he's released a new visual to his track Dramatic. The visual, directed by Brooklyn based director AiP and ChimP, features Madwiz showing off his energetic personality while spitting aggressively. The second half of the track brings forth a nostalgic wave of the NY sound we all love and miss. Watch Wiz's new video above and stay tuned for his upcoming project. -

""Dramatic" write-up from Cypher League"

I love the word raw and I love raw things. So much so that I have a tendency to overuse the word. Now I only use it to describe something that’s raw like cocaine straight from Bolivia raw, as Wu-Tang’s U-God once said. Today, I get to use the word to describe Madwiz’s new video for “Dramatic”, the latest offering from the Clinton Hill rapper with arguably the toughest bars in Brooklyn.

The video is directed by the golden folk over at Fltbys. - Cypher League

"NEW VIDEO: Madwiz “Check It Out”"

Madwiz gets heads nodding with a super ill baseline. The song reminds me of something Q-Tip could have dropped in his heyday. And that certainly isn’t a bad thing. -

"Interview #2 (iSpitNYC)"

@_Swaggi3 Interviews Madwiz At Rulers Of The Underworld 2 on Behalf Of #iSpitNYC - iSpitNYC

"Madwiz – Check It Out (Watchu Got For Me??)"

Debut video from Brooklyn rapper “Madwiz” is the first of many visuals off of his upcoming project, “MADWIZDOM”. After years of waiting, Madwiz has finally put visuals to his unique style of rap..with a fresh ass beat and some ill ass rhymes, this is truly an artist to be on Thalookout for… -

""Dramatic" review from THE TAKEOVAH"

I happened to run into Madwiz last week and since then I have literally been waiting all weekend for this to drop, and my wait was generously rewarded. If you’ve ever caught a Mogul Club show, you’ve probably already got this song in your heart, so a video was very much needed. A fan favorite, and the latest visuals since the equally dope “F*** Everything“, this is rap in it’s rawest form as we see clips from various shows, Mogul Club members in full effect, a Rick Flair cameo, and the bandit himself moving like a vet while laying down his clever, honest, and hard-hitting bars. Produced by H.Illa and shot by FltBys, I’ll say it here first: any fan of rap is a fan of Madwiz. Enjoy the video below! -

"Peep This: Madwiz- “Check It Out (Watcha Got For Me?!?)” Music Video"

This video will catch your attention from the beginning with Madwiz’s funny hip hop-loathing old man on the street character. Then the hard beat produced by Tokyo Tim driven by a funky bassline comes in and Madwiz in emcee persona attacks the instrumental with the proper energy. Dope from start finish. This track will appear on the Brooklyn emcee’s upcoming MADWIZDOM project. -

""Dramatic" write-up from The UP Mag"

Here’s the new video from Brooklyn’s own, Madwiz entitled “Dramatic”. Madwiz is just one of a collective known as MOGUL CLUB, which also included Radamiz, History, and the recently turned viral King Critical. Madwizdom, his next project, is set to drop later this year. - The UP Mag

"Blessed to Premiere: Madwiz's Belly of the Snake EP"

When I discovered that I had been credited as Executive Producer on Madwiz’s new EP Belly of The Snake, I thought to myself, “I know I do a lot, but I don’t remember doing this.” The title is as much a surprise to me as it is to you all who know what I do. But I accept it, wholeheartedly. As much as I like to credit myself as a Renaissance Woman and accept the music producer title as another one of my many hats, I did not produce any of the music featured in this EP. In fact, I never stepped foot inside the studio during its making. My influence lies not in the actual musical production of the project, but more so in the production of the artist. I guess you could say I executive-produced the man who stands before us today as Madwiz.

I remember having a discussion with him earlier this summer, where he explained his new-found outlook on life. He told me, “You’ve taught me the most, out of everybody…It’s hard for me to look at things the same. Now I know when to point out patriarchy. Now I know when to point out white privilege. I know when to point out chauvinism…It’s just everywhere…A lot of shit I would’ve never thought twice about. Everything that existed – I knew. I was well-educated, I even had my opinions – I knew what was right and wrong, but I just chose to go around everything…Oh niggas is racist? Whatever. As long as niggas ain’t racist to me, I’m good. Niggas is talking crazy to women? I don’t care, ’cause I don’t talk crazy to women…It was just all of this shit that I didn’t really give a fuck about, now I give a fuck about.”

This EP is a product of my time with Madwiz, or Cam as I call him. The hours of conversations – from the never-ending rap debates, to The Office character development discussions that were deeper than they needed to be, to culling through Netflix and watching every single Stephen Chow film we could find. I was there with him in his apartment when he wrote some of these lyrics. I was there when he spit them raw with just a laptop and a composition notebook. I was there when he would play random unmixed instrumentals and samples. I was there when he found inspiration. At times, I was his inspiration.

We know about spirit guides now, after the passing of A$AP Yams and the emergence of FifthGod – who engineered and executive produced Belly Of The Snake, and serves as “Coach Fifth,” the unofficial fifth member of The Four Horsemen, a teacher and confidant to the members of Mogul Club. Now, as Madwiz dedicated this entire EP to me, I find myself walking along the path paved by hip hop spirit guides of the past. If “spirit guide” is the title that artists in the industry have endowed me with, then I’m laced up and ready to run with it.

I’m Cultural theorist and sociologist Stuart Hall once said, “Identity is always in the process of being and becoming.” Madwiz hasn’t released a project since 2011. Belly Of The Snake stands as a testament to his “being and becoming” – a testament to four years’ worth of growth.

Something must be said about the fact that three of the illest projects released this year had FifthGod involved. I-Earn Chef and B L A N K’s Goomba Mick, History’s IAMStuy, and now Madwiz’s Belly Of The Snake. FifthGod has the Midas touch. And if you haven’t realized this yet, just inhale and join the masses waiting in bated breath for The Fifth Tape to drop.

FifthGod recorded every track on Belly Of The Snake.

The project is an homage to golden era-esque hip hop in its rawest form; blazing hot lyrics atop quality instrumentals, and a larger than life emcee with the charisma and spirit to bring those rhymes to life. The EP boasts a slew of samples. From Isaac Hayes, to Scarface, to Ric Flair, to Trailer Park Boys, to A Different World, to Minister Farrakhan and more if your ears can catch them. All executed with refined precision without sounding sloppy. The appeal of the EP lies at the crux of refreshing vibes and nostalgia. Belly Of The Snake awakens our ears to a style that sounds like nothing we’ve heard from new young rappers, but at the same time arouses the taste buds on our musical palettes and reminds listeners of that old 90’s New York rap flavor.

But he’s more than one of those 90’s-obsessed-twenty-something-year-old rappers with an undying affinity for an era in hip hop that’s dead and gone. Madwiz is a composite figure of the past, the present, and the future of hip hop. In my 23 years of living and studying this culture, I’ve never met anyone who has the cultural capacity and musical lexicon that Madwiz has. His iTunes library is the musical Holy Grail. He does more than live and breathe hip hop. Malcolm X once said, “If you‘re not ready to die for it, put the word ‘freedom‘ out of your vocabulary.” Hip hop is his freedom, and Madwiz would die a thousand deaths for that freedom.

Madwiz presented Belly Of The Snake to the world with a surprise release on September 14th – Nas’ birthday. Shortly after his own birthday last March, Wiz met Nas at SXSW. He told Nas,“You inspire me to do great things,” and Nas replied, “You a king.”

Escobar season begins now.

If Brooklyn is the Mecca of indie rap, then Madwiz is the one to pray to. In a world where every rapper in the city is just trying to eat, beef somehow doesn’t exist for Madwiz–everyone else is just trying to sit at his table.

Madwiz is the every-rapper’s-favorite-rapper type of rapper.

His message can pretty much be boiled down to “love yourself, or I’ll pistol whip you.” That’s his answer to almost every problem. As Chris’s Wattz raps on “Suicide Squad,” “Fuck your rap standards. The people need answers,” paralleling what Author Zora Neale Hurston once said, “there are years that ask questions and years that answer.” It’s 2015, and Belly Of The Snake is the answer.

These are my words. Now, here are the words of everyone else who was involved in the making of Belly Of The Snake. Feel this.


“I recorded this project with the intentions of achieving a sound I’m beyond familiar with. The high noise floors of the ’90s, massive tube distortion, lack of digital processing compared to current standards. I just love how this shit sounds so much. It’s raw and straight forward. And guarantee it bangs in your whip. This is the essence right here, and my brother [Madwiz] is a genius for this one. Couldn’t have done it without my brothers [History] and [Chris Wattz] . Thank the whole team for this one. Shout outs to [Ivie Ani] as well, you inspired the process more so than you may think. If you’re familiar with Madwiz’s music, you already know what it is. x10. If not, prepare yourself to hear a project unlike any other you’ve heard recently.”


“Too many people try to make classic music and end up just sounding corny. Most don’t study enough to create what they think Hip Hop needs, but here’s someone who actually lives what he spits, and someone who can actually bring you back to the Golden Age without even trying.”


“So proud of my brother Madwiz for putting his all into creating this piece of work. Sometimes we as artists go through so much things in life that have nothing to do with music and it tends to affect our productivity for our true passion and vision for lifelong happiness. Here’s Madwiz taking a step in the right direction for himself, us, and everyone out there with a vision in need of willpower to keep ascending.”

King Critical

“It’s WZA turn.”


“Thanks to everybody who contributed to this, even if you were just excited…this is for you. Executive Producer credits go to Andrew Askari [FifthGod] and Ivie. It’s an honor to have them as such, because those are the two people that have contributed the most to me being a better man in 2015.

I couldn’t keep this from the people any longer…BEFORE I start talking shit, I’m dedicating this entire EP to Ivie Ani. I owe her a lot, way much more than you might think, and in more than 1 way she’s responsible for the mindframe that I was in that allowed me to create this. I promise that this record is going to carry me to exactly where I need to be, so I can say that in more than one way, she is responsible for my success, and I love her so much, I might love her more than Godzilla…

NOW… YOU KNOW MOGUL CLUB RULES YOUR WORLD. WE’RE SICK OF HAVING TO TRY TO EXPLAIN IT TO PEOPLE THE NICE WAY. YOU. CAN’T. FADE. US. & at the same time I love you people whether your love for us genuine or not. This EP is love. Love is really the only way. Love uplifts. So even if I got guns pointed at you, it’s outta love. I just want you to have some.

People might hear this project and say I’m too violent, obscene and controversial, but if you know me and you know yourself and peace of mind is the goal, then you will understand. This is the Love Yourself album. Do so.” - Ivie Ani (Cypher League)

"Madwiz- Belly of the Snake EP"

Where… How… What… do I even start with. Well, first thing’s first. This read is only for those who appreciate, and not appropriate, the culture. Ever since the start of Hip-Hop, more notably in the 90’s/Golden Era, witty lyricism, hard hitting beats, and most importantly, authenticity, were key factors in making an artist credible to say he was an emcee. You couldn’t just make words rhyme and you were all of a sudden, the chosen one. The people have to believe in, and relate to your message or story for you to make a connection. Madwiz is the epitome of a Hip-Hop enthusiast and all-round special emcee. In the opinion of many, there’s been a lot of mediocre lyrics, predictable content, repetitive beats, and lack of creativity in today’s music, mainstream and underground alike.

This. Is. Not. That.

This is that, run up in the police station, cap the captain in the badge and slice necks of all witnesses while using the money stolen in the process to rebuild the ghetto’s across America and provide a better education for our youth. Sounds crazy, right? Well get to meet the modern day Hip-Hop Robin Hood. Madwiz is a young brother from Brooklyn who has something to say, and refuses to be silenced. He takes what a corrupt world offers and flips it to motivate those who aspire to be more in a world that won’t allow them to grow. WZA is the hope. Through his “Dramamtic” visuals, Madwiz proclaimed it had to be live, and it’s more than that. “I only love pigs, with bullets stuck in their wigs…” is just one of the controversial lines Madwiz produces to make those who agree, amp, and those who don’t, very nervous. The project isn’t just filled with anger. “Ivie’s Song (September)” is a seven-minute ode to the woman who WZA accredits as his Wisdom. “Executive Producer to the man we see today as Madwiz,” states Ivie in her extensive, and personal review of the project.

The features are all natural and make sense. “Suicide Squad” is a stand out track that features Radamiz, I-Earn Chef, and Chris Wattz. They all take aggressive tones and lay their mark in this mega-track with all great emcees. The song gives the vibe of Noreaga’s “Banned From T.V” track, or DJ Clue’s “Fantastic Four” record. “G.U.N.S” with his Mogul Club brother, History is another one that stands out. The hook is catchy, the content is filled with witty wordplay and butter smooth flows. The title track, “Belly of the Beast” features who many refer to as the second coming of Biggie, King Critical. There’s a beat switch that introduces Critical, as he shines his light a while before giving up the mic for Madwiz to finish the job. “New Africa” is the closing track and it’s very fitting as it sums up Madwiz’s mission statement as an artist in one song. The track samples the legendary Minister Louis Farrakhan, and provides inspirational words from IAMPEACE in the intro of the track.

In closing, no matter who you are or what you listen to, if you have a sense of self awareness or not, knowledge of your own history or not, this project should at least intrigue you to get in tune with all you lack or inspire you to spread more love, the Brooklyn way. - House of Aura


If you’ve been paying attention to the underground in NYC, than you know of Mogul Club, a collective of artists that quietly run the streets of Brooklyn and beyond. When these artist hit the stage they are anything but quiet. If you have been to any show in NYC this summer chances are you’ve heard clique chant “Fuck Mogul Club!” while they grace the stage. Teambackpack has featured Radamiz, History and King Critical in the past. But today we are hear to talk about MADWIZ and his new EP ‘Belly Of The Snake’. I personally see this project as filling a void in Hip Hip today. And no, by that I don’t mean another hyper 90’s thematic mixtape. ‘Belly Of The Snake’ embodies pure New York culture; something that is truly timeless. It may take to you back another decade but more importantly it will take you to the streets where it all started. Not to mention I’m a sucker for good samples and interludes, which there are plenty of. Trust me it’s worth a listen. So go ahead and stream it below! -

"Music: Madwiz - Belly of the Snake EP"

The homie Madwiz of the #MogulClub out of NYC just dropped his project “Belly of the Snake” a few weeks back but of course I’m late on my side.
You might have heard Madwiz on the 1st volume of the MimicTape he had track #2 on the tape. - Mimic Clothing


A Bunch Of Songs (w/ Radamiz) (mixtape) - Jun, 4th 2009
Did You Hear? (mixtape) -Jun 4th 2010
Wildin' For Respect (mixtape) - Nov 14th 2011
MADWIZDOM - Release Date TBA

SINGLES (All Streaming):
"Honey I'm Home" (single) - 2010
"Patches of The Sour" (single) - 2010
"Flip Until You Fall" (single) -2011
"The Calm" - 2011
"Murder-N-Thangs" (single) - 2013
"Check It Out.. (Watchu Got For Me?)" (single) - 2013

Appears on:

Radamiz EP's "Writeous", "The Longer Way Home" "Big Pictures In Small Frames" and "Steps To Almost Succeding"

Criminal Minded's first release "Ace.Deuce.Trey."



Christened “The God” by friends and supporters alike, Madwiz has been an impending storm since 2006. The MC/songwriter has seen sporadic, dramatic increases in popularity since deciding to pursue his life’s work shortly after junior high, though he claims he “doesn’t remember a time” when he wasn’t rapping. After dropping two mixtapes early on in his career, and one brand new EP, Belly Of The Snake, supplemented with videos and singles and one hell of a live performance schedule, his popularity began to exponentially rise in 2015. Earning opportunities to perform on prestigious stages such as Summer Jam, SXSW shows in 2013 and 2015, and A3C, Madwiz has opened shows for the likes of Kendrick Lamar, ASAP Ferg, Action Bronson, OG Maco & Lil B.

The “WZA” has come to be praised for his lyrical prowess, high pitched delivery, deep references and extremely witty lines, he uses his foul mouth in a unique way—to preach self love and love for others. This method has been what separated him from the rest of the rap masses for years and garner family-like love and respect from his listeners & his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. The same can be said for the hip-hop collective he is a member of, MOGUL CLUB, which includes MC’s Radamiz, History, and King Critical. Madwiz is a studied hip hop aficionado and connoisseur, citing rap acts such as Nas, Scarface, Redman, MC Lyte, and The Ultramagnetic MC’s to leaders of other genres, such as KISS, Prince, The Floaters, Roy Ayers, Aaliyah and The Ohio Players, among various others as has biggest influences. 

After dropping two mixtapes in 2010 and 2011 (entitled “Did You Hear” and “Wildin’ For Respect”), he took a hiatus from releasing projects to focus on perfecting his already unique sound, instead realesing various singles and videos that came to be very popular on the internet and the NY circuit, starting with “Check It Out (Watchu Got For Me)” and most recently the video for “Mean Gene”, a car stereo rattling jam that has been described as a “classic” by radio DJs & listeners. After SXSW 2015, he began work on his newest release, The Belly Of The Snake EP, from which “Mean Gene” is the first single, and aims to produce a visual for each one of the 8 tracks on the record.

Despite his many accolades, Madwiz notes that no trophy trumps the satisfaction of his fans. "I don't get any awards except the motherf*ckin' love from the people who are attached to the ears on which my music befalls. Until I get a Grammy, of course. I don't even have fans, they're all just my friends"

“My goal is to be the greatest MC, that ever lived. Of all time. The one. It keeps me up at night, but it’s also an extreme motivation to make sure I put out the most quality joints that I can… It’s what I was born to be.” – Madwiz 

Band Members