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M.A.E. ::
released Jan 2011 | Tru Statement Entertainment, LLC

More EP ::
released May 2010 | Tru Statement Entertainment, LLC

Indigo Child (currently unavailable)
released February 2009



Welcome to the show, we are M.A.E. (Mason and Express/Musically Achieved Ecellence) straight out of Long Island N. Y. Our hip-hop blends many genres to complete our
sound, some of which are jazz, alternative, soul, funk, and r&b. The third album in the M.A.E. edition is currently under construction and due to release in late December/early January. Most recently we've been working of a side project, The Machine Gun Funk, with local musicians at the State University of New York College at Oneonta. Since the bands formation we have been performing shows in the upstate New York region while simultaneously recording an EP.

M.A.E. started with one friendly introduction in the dormatories at Oneonta through mutual friends. Jamie Mahoney, (Mason, M-Ason, Indigo), controls the main vocals along with co-producing beside Lars Viola (Express the Motif) who is the primary beat maker as well as vocalist. After sharring a couple of beats and rhymes we both became instantly focused on forming a group and elevating both of their skills. Two years and two albums later we still strive for perfection within our muscial blend, attempting to give hip hop enthusiasts and music lovers alike something they can relate to while bobbing their heads. Our rhymes are filled with intelligence , wit, and strong moral character fueled by a college education.