Los Angeles, California, USA

Maesa Rae songs are pockets full of soul. They are dark but a real deep glowing golden dark. She is known to cast a pin drop silence across the rowdiest of crowds. Her smokey/silky voice has been compared to Jeff Buckley, she performs with an intensity not unlike Janis Joplin, and she's got groove.


Maesa Rae hails from the legendary spirited hills of Hollywood. She is emerging, making the tastiest music she can - music that stirs birds from the tops of trees with their truthfulness. She often performs with her youngest brother Lewis Pullman on drums and her cousin Rosa Pullman singing sweeter than honey harmonies. She switches between playing piano/rhodes to accordion, and guitar. Her influences include, but are not limited to, greats such as Patsy Cline, Nina Simone, Bill Withers, Billie Holiday. She has a secret collection of demos she has been working on she can send you if you request it:

Instrumentation (the band is ever changing)
Maesa - Lead vocals, keys/rhodes, accordion, and guitar
Pedal steel and guitar
Back up vocals and acoustic rhythm guitar



Written By: Maesa Rae

I watched you cross the fire
And I wondered would we ever talk again
Would we ever talk again
And when I say talk, I mean really talk, like we used to, like we used to
Like we were running to make the next bend

Though the smoke was rising up between us, up between us
I could still see you oh so clear
Your hand was on her knee and you whispered in her ear
Oh it’s just ashes getting in my eye
Causing all these tears

I don’t believe that you miss me
You don’t even see me
You’re so fine and free, moving on so merrily
I guess I’ll just walk away
You don’t want me here anyway
I’ll leave you here with her
Amidst the burning flames

I must remember, it doesn’t work between us anyways
You like square and stripes and I like twigs and waves
What is there left to say?
All the words are dead.
And what’s said Is written
on invisible ribbons floating above our heads

I guess I’ll just walk away
You don’t want me here anyway
I’ll leave you here with her
Amidst the burning flames

The Fall

Written By: Maesa Rae

I couldn’t keep from wandering through the smokey winds
Always trying to begin again
So I took to following I took to following
The single file line
That lead me right past private property signs

Down this path I kept close to their backs
Til we got to where the water fell down fast
There before us was a rock staircase goin up steep
No choice but to climb so I took the lead

Up high losing grip
Im gonna accept that I am gonna get soaking wet
Well I’m gonna do it I’m gonna let go and let the fall wake me up

I’m gonna do it ... I’m going to let go


Selections from Bone Dig - April 2010
A self released home made demo of 4 songs
Listen at