Maestro Lache Cercel and The Cercel Roma Swing Ensemble

Maestro Lache Cercel and The Cercel Roma Swing Ensemble


A group of elite musicians who are intergral in World Beat Music today. Maestro Lache Cercel is the lead player and a violinist virutoso. He is a winner of many prestegious awards in a variety of countries. Precise timing and aboslute clarity. Crowds always give us a Bravo.


Maestro Lache Cercel is the band leader who mentors Stephen Grappelli. He is a violinist virtuoso often described as a phenomenon. He has won the " Artist of the Poeple " citation by the Romanian government after being classically trained the Acaddemy of the Arts in Bucharest. His father conducted the Bucharest orchestra and Zamphir. He won the Hugo's Gold Plaque for Best Composition For A Movie in 2003. He has a 2004 Canada Council Grant for Sound Tracks. All the musicians have mastered the complicated Klezmer music art form. We performed at the Chinese New Year Gala Toronto 2005 New Tang Dynasty TV which was aired globally and we ggot Bravo from all the audience and the other performers with invitations to perform with them in their countries.


Single and CD title Rhapsody Of Romania
Single and CD title Noroc Swing
CD The Cercel Ensemble
The radio airplay tracks are on the CD The Cercel Ensemble released in Nov., 2004. Streaming audio is the website of Romania's Best. The video is on a news braodcast on the website.

Set List

Our pieces vary according to the venue. They could be Jazz, Classical, World Traditonal and Classical. We play almost anything except for funk and hard rock. The pieces are from other artists and our own compositions. The sets vary in length from 20 mins. to 2 hrs.