Nick Phillips

Nick Phillips


Spiritually Transcending. A " Must Have " for a New Influence; Composer, Nick Phillips, delivers a divine and virtuosic style of classical music while sending you on a magnificent epic.


My name is Nick Phillips, i am a classical composer that seeks to portray the glory of God through epic composition. Since God is my biggest influence i long to finish compositions for every story in the Bible. I started my own distribution/ publishing company along with the release of my new album " maestros project". God has been Good! With him on my side no one can hold me back; because of him there are a few non-exclusive distribution companies that have joined me in my Epic adventure.

My future plan other than distribution, publishing and orchestra performances is to score films.Ive had a couple of offers from idependent film directors, however because of differences, I have only taken one offer.


Maestros Project: 2007

Set List

Usually i play for 3 to 4 hour windows. I Do not play any other music than my composition. The crowd seems to enjoy when i randomly throw in Improvs on chosen keys and different keyboard instruments.
I also have cd signings after my performance. Borders and other companies usually include performance fees.

Another thing i that is successful is Performing at Pier 39. people seem to love the classical, blues style in San francisco.