MAETAR is brothers Itai Disraeli on bass, vocals, percussion, guitar and keyboards, and Hagai Izraelion horns, shells, keys, vocals and percussion, and Peter Buck on drums and percussion. An amazing live band.

Delicious organic funkrock with eclectic world-jazz undertones. Innovative bass, visionary horns, superb drums, weaving haunting melodies over powerful rhythms. MAETAR doesn't follow trends - they set them.

Itai's is a different world of bass playing. While holding down fat grooves, he creates layers of harmony and melody, coaxing sounds out of his basses that you have to hear to believe. Hagai is a visionary voice, creating haunting melodies on his trumpet and flugelhorn, while at the same time opening up new worlds of sound with his conch shells, ram's horn, flutes and keys. Peter creates multi-layers of rhythm, spanning ages and continents, while holding down a wicked back beat that will make you want to shake your body. Together, MAETAR creates amazing original sound - mixing jazz, funk, rock and hip hop with reggae, near and far eastern music, gospel and classical.

MAETAR's telepathic chemistry between the musicians propels listeners to a new world of sound, creating soulful music for the body and the mind. Experiencing them play live, you can taste the organic power and healing nectar of their music. Their show is an original sound universe packed with emotions, visuals and nuances. Weaving haunting melodies over powerful rhythms, MAETAR vibrates with honesty, authority and integrity.

The brothers grew up on a Kibbutz in Israel, born to a musical family, playing and singing together since the age of 5. They have studied with top musicians and composers. Itai won awards for his bass playing, while Hagai appeared as a soloist with orchestras in Israel and Europe. Together they appeared in the prestigious Jerusalem festival and Eilat festival to much critical acclaim. They created ensembles that worked for peace and justice through music.

In the early 90's they came to the USA, playing their music and collaborating with Jazz, Hip Hop, World and Rock artists. They studied with Jaki Byard, James Newton, Bobby Shew, Scotty Barnhard, Al McKibbon and Dr. Art Davis. In 2002 they met Peter Buck, who has played and toured with Bonnie Rait, Michelle Shocked and Keb Mo, just to name a few. Peter's versatility, drive and soulfulness resonated with the brothers. Together they formed MAETAR (May-Tar) and released their debut CD.

MAETAR recently won the "Battle for Los Angeles" at the world famous Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, attracting the attention of DJs from KROQ, KXLU, KPFK and KCRW and winning more critical acclaim. Maetar performed at the Abbot Kinnney festival, Skirball Cultural Center, House of Blues, Temple Bar, Viper Room and at universities around Los Angeles.

MAETAR actively supports the idea of a global and local community of musicians and artists. They regularly feature singers, instrumentalists and spoken word artists from all over the world as guest artists in their shows.

MAETAR can be heard on the radio and the internet all over the world. MAETAR is currently in the studio finishing their much anticipated second CD to be released early 2006.

As well as being accomplished players and performers, the brothers are very prolific composers, writing music for movies, television and the digital realm.


"MAETAR LIVE" The band's second release on "Organic Music". Recorded live at Harvelle's in 2005.
"Elevation", "The B Inn", "Friend lover Suite", "El Bowie", "Wake up", "Nine", "Ocean song", "River of Time", "4rth and Haze".

"MAETAR," their 2003 self made independent release. The following tracks are receiving air play. They are from the CD and live shows, including on-air appearances:

"Angel of Mercy", "F Jam", "Peace in The Middle East", "Friend Lover Suite", "334", "River of Time", "Milk and Honey"

on the following radio stations:

KPFK 90.7 Los Angeles - "The Global Village"

KXLU 88.9fm Los Angeles Noise Pollution

"Upper Room with Joe Kelley"
24/7 Internet Radio Show

"Upper Room with Joe Kelley"
LIVE Mondays 4-8 pm EST
WVOF 88.5 FM in Fairfield, CT

Earth Feeling -
Radio Nonbiri - - Japan.

Attention Span Radio in Lufkin, Texas. USA.

Kol Harega (the voice of now) Tel Aviv, ISRAEL.

Set List

All of our music is completely original and is written by us to be expressed directly through MAETAR. We have over 50 songs that we play live. We constantly bring in new material and keep refining and discovering new places to go with our music. We like to rotate our material throughout our various performances and venues to keep the music fresh. Our sets can be of any length we choose or that is required. Usually they are anywhere from 50 to 90 minutes, depending on the structure of the event and the venue.
Here is a typical 3 set show:

1. straight back chair
2. spiritual puppy
3. friend lover
4. rake it
5. ocean song
6. raining again over jazzmin alley
7. nahaar
8. 0069
9. the B inn

set 2.
1. f jam
2. wake up
3. 334
4. skin to skin
5. elevation
6. the offer
7. peace in the middle east
8. angel of mercy
9. milk and honey

set 3.
1. el bowie
2. keep raining
3. are you sure
4. when you touch me
5. shere le-nahaar
6. nine
7. stokin'
8. the day af