Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Rachel Taylor has honed a creative blend of alternative folk, 1950's country and thoughtful unplugged pop, through Jazz performance and the study of songwriting at Berklee College of Music. Her soaring melodies, combined with profound lyrics and vocals resonate with a rapidly growing audience.


Maeve is a collaboration of three individual artists - Courtney Reid, Rachel Taylor and Rollyn Zoubek - blending together their own distinct voices and styles to create a cohesive sound rich with harmony reminiscent of the Indigo Girls and Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Maeve was birthed in 2001 when a promoter friend suggested that the girls, who were all performing in different musical configurations at the time, collaborate for an evening at a venue just for fun. This performance led to additional collaboration both as performers and songwriters. The Boston-based trio then decided to take their music underground to try out their new songs and develop their unique sound alongside Boston commuters while busking in Harvard Square and at the Back Bay Train Station. One day while playing in the subway, the then-nameless band met a little girl named “Maeve” who danced to their music and dropped a dollar in the open guitar case. Thanks to this little angel, the band discovered its name.

Above ground, maeve continues to share their music in East Coast clubs, coffeehouses (Club Passim, The Me and Thee), colleges, festivals and churches. They were selected for showcasing as a part of the NEMO festival in Boston (2005 & 2006) and have shared the stage with Jars of Clay, Ollabelle, Brooks Williams, Nicole Nordeman and Sam Phillips. Their singles “Sweet Abandon” and "Found a Love" have been highly requested for airplay on WERS Coffeehouse, Emerson College Radio.

Maeve has independently released three recordings. Their first release, “Maeve” (2002), was self-produced and captures the acoustic sound of the band’s formative days. Their second release, “The Simple and the Wonderful ” (2003), was produced by Phil Madeira. Their third release "Whatever Befall" (2006), was produced by Don Chaffer of Waterdeep.

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Album 1 - Maeve
Album 2 - The Simple and the Wonderful
Single played on WERS 88.9 FM Radio - "Sweet Abandon" et al.
Album 3 - Whatever Befall
Single played on WERS 88.9 Radio - "Found a Love"

Set List

Maeve can do a 45 - 60 minute set.
Maeve primarily performs original songs:
Sweet Abandon
Found a Love
Return to Me
Do Not Hide
Running Around
Whisper Peace
Fill This House
Too Many Troubles