Maeve Flanagan

Maeve Flanagan


My name is Maeve and I play Irish music on the fiddle and tin whistle! I live in NY but I go to school in MA.. I love to play at shows, festivals, bars- you name it! I've won a couple of prestigious awards, including first place in a world competition in 2001! I'd love to play for your event! =)


Hey! I started playing the fiddle when I was 5 years old. At first my mom (one of the original members of Cherish the Ladies) taught me, but then she got sick of me so she sent me to my uncle, Brian Conway. I've been playing with an all girl band called "Girsa" for the last couple of years and its been great! I just recently started college in Easton, Mass. and I'm trying to get into the Irish music scene here. I'd love to play at any party or festival so let me know!


I have a demo that you can hear on

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I can play for as long as you want! I know hundreds, if not thousands, of tunes!