Maeve Stone

Maeve Stone


Acousitc, A'Cappella, Freestyle.


Nobody important has ever said anything about me or my music so i'll have to make this bit up until they get on the case. Do I start at the beginning?Until someone asks me to i'll just skip to the interesting music bits. I started singing way back when adults were scary, tall creatures and the chance to perform came around once a year in the form of the 'Limerick School Project Variety Show'. Then, many years passed and the junior cert rolled around. The timeless Radiohead lyrics 'anyone can play guitar' followed me until i gave in and took up the six-string. I was taught the basics by my brother and dad but showed a stubborn disregard for learning the fundementals such as string and chord names. Some say this makes you less inhibited when you start writing and i'm willing to go along with that theory. It makes me seem more artistic and less lazy. So it all started then. After a while I got to thinking about writing my own music and gave it a go. I played and played for friends until they stopped smiling when I reached for the guitar and I soon realised i'd have to venture out into the world to find some ears. 'The High Stool' in Limerick was my first venue. It was an excellent way to get drink when still only 16 because people playing got two free... I can say that because it's not there anymore. Ben Oit was the man in charge and he very kindly began offering me gigs in singer/songwriter nights around the city which was terribly exciting for a littl'un. I got a lot of experience playing around the city and the songs improved and multiplied. Around then Rory Grubb showed up and asked would I sing some backing vocals on the album he was recording. I sneakily took advantage of his knowledge of the music scene and moved up to support gigs in 'The Green Room' which is a really nice venue to play. The leaving cert stopped progress for a bit but after that I moved to Dublin. That's where i'm at now. I've been playing around the City -the highlight venuewise would be a couple of gigs in the sugarclub as support. trying to find my feet and work out the good people to know so it has been an interesting year.


Two Year Tracks 2006

Set List

My songs mix a lot of genres. A typical set list of origials would be 'Tip the Lilies' ,a tribute I wrote to Elliott Smith and one of my most popular songs, Vodakawhore, Fall, One Night Standing, Wedding Bed - Murder Ballad, I'm not wrong - Blues A'Cappella, Better Terms, Lullaby, Found out - semi political and The Other Woman - song of Psychosis. If I'm the mood for a cover i'll usually go for an all saints/bob dylan medley I came up with a few years ago or a Nina Simone.