Murray, Kentucky, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Murray, Kentucky, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Alternative Rock




"Maewyn - Wilt"


self-released; 2019

3.8 out of 5

By Jamie Funk

Starting in 2017, Maewyn is an alternative emo band hailing from Murray, KY. The band consists of McCall Key (vocalist/guitarist), Aaron Clark (guitarist), Kyle Morgan (guitarist), Bryce Clendenen (bassist), and Levi Wyatt (drums). The band recently released Wilt which the band says is” supposed to be a metaphor for the cycle of depression that a manic depressive person may feel. The album goes from high to lows with high energy to more soft or slow songs, and ending with our heaviest song.”

​I would argue regardless of emotional states or metaphors an album should have lows and highs. This is called dynamics and without it an album can feel flat and boring very quickly. Maewyn does a job with this aspect making it an EP that is best listened to from beginning to end.

The band has the “emo” quality that for whatever reason seems to align with younger people and the idea of coming of age. That type of quality is all over this EP and it feels like younger people in their late teens and early 20’s will be able to relate to this.

Concepts and themes are definitely important within an EP or album but they aren’t the most essential thing. The music is first and foremost and this band had plenty of talent in that area. Their music sounds professional from the delivery to the production.

I graduated high school back in the ’90s and one of the main bands responsible for this type of music is Linkin Park. The same sort of confused, angst existentialism mixed with cathartic screams is apparent on this album.

On that note this band seems to be doing all the right things for connecting with a young audience especially those who might be dealing with mental health issues. Recommended.
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"Stencil Mag - Maewyn"

Starting in 2017, Maewyn is an alternative emo band hailing from Midwestern USA. Their members include McCall Key (vocalist/guitarist), Aaron Clark (guitarist), Kyle Morgan (guitarist), Bryce Clendenen (bassist), and Levi Wyatt (drums). They released their debut EP, Wilt, on March 15, 2019. Wilt was engineered and produced by Kenton Smith of Dark Image Recordings and mastered by Sam Moses of Moses Mastering. Wilt was written with the cyclical nature of depression and anxiety in mind: the wilting of mental health and the brokenness the members of Maewyn have personally experienced. Though incredibly self-deprecating and raw, Wilt is an honest take on mental struggles with a feeble but triumphant demand for something better. Maewyn’s members hope that their music will reach people with similar issues and help further foster a culture willing to talk about mental illness.
Maewyn’s sound was inspired by bands such as Citizen, Movements, Balance and Composure, Basement, and Gleemer. The members simply love to play music and hope to spread love and hope by connecting with people both through their songs and by meeting new people at shows. You can find their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and most other platforms and follow their social media pages to keep up with latest news about the band. - Stencil Mag

"State of the Scene "S Plus Tier""

Timestamp: 53:35 "Speaking of sad, moody, and powerful, Maewyn dropped a new song called 'I'm Giving in Because I Can.' That might be one of my favorite song titles. Really has like an emo gravity to it. The vocalist reminds me a ton of Jason Lancaster. But Maewyn is great! We talked about the EP this year. This single is also great, I'm just really excited about this band. This is a great upcoming band!" - State of the Scene Podcast


• “Growing Pains” Single 2018

Everyday’s the Same demos 2018

   1. “Open”

   2. “Stumbling”

   3. “You Left the Light On”

Wilt EP 2019

   1. “With Long Teeth

   2. “Surfacing”

   3. “Slow Dive”

   4. “Interlude”

   5. “Violet”

   6. “Itch”

• “I’m Giving in Because I Can” Single 2020

• “Carry” Single 2020

• “Brothers on a Hotel Bed” Cover. Originally by Death Cab for Cutie. 2020

• “Choke” Single 2020



Maewyn is an alternative emo band hailing from Murray, KY. Their members include McCall Key (vocals/guitar), Aaron Clark (guitar), Kyle Morgan (guitar), Bryce Clendenen (bass) and Levi Wyatt (drums). These friends began playing shows in Murray and Western Kentucky in August of 2017 and released their debut EP, "Wilt," in March of 2018, drawing influence from the emo bands of the late 1990s to mid 2000s. Starting as a project between a couple of friends, Maewyn soon grew to be the up and coming regional band of Western Kentucky. As their sound evolved, their newest releases blended in post hardcore, while striving to stay true to the "emo" genre. Largely influenced initially by bands like Balance and Composure and As Cities Burn, Maewyn began to blend sounds that were inspired by heavier bands like Loathe and Underoath. With their newest singles, "Choke" and "Carry," Maewyn delves into their heaviest sound yet, drenching themselves in walls of overdriven reverb and modulation. Their lyrics follow suit with the music, with themes of existentialism and mental health struggles. Like many artists before them, the young men in Maewyn attempt to give words to their struggles and hopefully help others to find solidarity in their music. 

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