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"Texas Rebels"

Texas Rebel Well once again Texas has produced another spectacular bunch of Musicians and they are 'The Ma Ferguson Band'.......

With some Lynyrd Skynyrd-Allman Brothers-ZZ Top-SRV under their belts, they are capable of holding their audiences through every single song, note, lick, keyboard and drum beat they vigorously put out.

After one listen to any of their CD's, I am sure you will agree with me that not only do they play hard, but they sing hard and definitely write hard. This band comes into their music with 3 lead guitars, doing what they do best and thats making those axes scream til guitarist says to stop, which gives all lead guitars that dripping wet sound, and what really makes this band stand out is during all this lead guitar screamin' action they never once get in each others way. True musician professionals. Remarkable talent.

When Ma Ferguson comes your way, by all means go to their shows, they pack their shows with the Ultimate dynamic presence on stage, they are definitely Class 1 Showman, the interaction with each other is a sight that you as a audience will never forget........and if you can't make a show, then go and buy the CD, close your eyes and jump that Ma Ferguson Southern Rock Train that will take you for a ride that will blow your mind.

The band gave themselves the name of 'Ma Ferguson' after the first woman Governor of the state of Texas, Miriam M.A. Ferguson. How proud she must be.

The superb musicians of this top class Southern Rock Band of Austin, Texas are: ** Jay D. Chaffe - Lead vocals/lead and bottleneck slide guitar. ** Paul Deitz - Lead guitar. ** Lawrence Britz - Bass guitar ** Mike Wolfrom - Keyboards/Lead vocals. **Darin Abney - Drums & Percussion/Lead Vocals [Backup Vocals contributed by: Paul Deitz/Lawrence Britz/Mike Wolfrom/Darin Abney ]

This 4-song CD is packed with some good ole Southern Rock: Saints and Sinners - Rated #2 by Record Exec at KLBJ Radios 2001 Schmoozefest. (#2 out of 300 entries - not too shabby guys) Good Clean Fun - [written by Allman Bros.] never the less is pretty well packed with some hard playing instruments... Southern Ladies - excellent songwriting, instruments, vocals. That Smell - [written by Lynyrd Skynyrd] guitar action on this song is totally awesome, Hotter than hot! The Ma Ferguson Band is too hot, too talented to stay in Texas, this group has what it takes to tour this entire world to share their talents with the rest of the world.Â

Mary E. Rudy - Southboundbeat Magazine - Southboundbeat Magazine

"Southern Rock - Texas Style"

It took me all of fifteen seconds listening to Ma Ferguson's Texas Rebels EP for this sound byte to pop into my head: "Southern rock, Texas style." I won't belabor the definition of southern rock here. Suffice it to say that southern rock is like obscenity; I can't define it, but I sure know it when I hear it.

Then I flipped open the liner notes to see that the band proudly claims to be "Austin Texas' premier southern rock band." And they just may be right. With the searing three-guitar attack of Jay D. Chaffe, Ken Blum, and Paul Deitz, Ma Ferguson sound like a great bar band with their influences on their sleeve - The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Texas boogie of Stevie Ray Vaughn, and the slide blues of Elmore James. And calling them a bar band is no insult - the beer and sweat and smoke and sawdust is down there in what used to be the grooves-- and what is now, I guess, the zeroes and ones. Down there in those zeroes and ones for all to hear.

The Fergies offer up four tunes on this teaser of a disc. The original "Saints and Sinners" features a blistering Texas-style southern slide guitar, some barrelhouse piano, and a nice honky-tonk feel. Their cover of the Allman Brothers' "Good Clean Fun" kicks up the energy a notch; it is faithful to the original, yet the band manages to make it their own. This tune features some shredding harp. Next up is "Southern Ladies" (you can tell how this record sounds from the song titles). The singer "wants no part of your cheatin' heart, or your heartless attitude." Because, of course, "Southern belles is all I'll ever need." Again that slide guitar is prominent, biting throughout.

The only (minor) misstep is the closing Skynyrd cover, "That Smell." The band handles the song with aplomb enough; to this listener's ears it was perhaps too close to the original, although a fine vehicle for their three-guitar workout. I'm guessing that they come out of a bar band scene where you earn stage time by offering up songs that people know and recognize from the radio. It is a testimony to their potential that they would be best served working on their own future FM staples.

If I were having an outdoor barbeque, I'd pop this disc into the player. Here's hoping - and this is from the heart, not reviewer talk - we hear more from this band.

Josh Chasin - Gritz Magazine - Gritz Magazine

"The Torment of Mr. Skinner Continues"

The torment of Mr. Skinner Continues...
Great to hear that the southern rock tradition continues. Nice solid tune. Brought me back a few years, but also makes me realize that good music is just that: good music, timeless. Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers - they would/should be proud that the trails they blazed are still being traveled, and furthered. I'll check out some more from this band.

Bill Elliot - -


2001 - Texas Rebels EP



The Ma Ferguson Band - The National Band of Texas! - Austin, Texas' Original Bad - Ass Southern Fried Rock-n-Roll Band!

The band takes their name from Miriam M.A. (Ma) Ferguson, the first woman Governor of the State of Texas. Formed in 1994 in Austin Texas, Ma Ferguson has become Austin, Texas' Premier Southern Rock Band.
Founding members Jay D. Chaffe and Paul Deitz met through mutual friends and formed the core of what has become one of the best live performance bands in the Austin area!

The band has awesome stage presence unlike any other in Austin and the interplay among the musicians is incredible!
Not since the great Southern Rock bands of the 1970's has a group of musicians come together to create such a dynamic presence on stage as well as in their original songs, as Ma Ferguson has!

This band is a must see for anyone who appreciates great Southern Rock -n- Roll!

Nightly the band pays tribute to the likes of: Lynyrd Skynyrd - The Allman Brothers - Charlie Daniels Band - Marshall Tucker - .38 Special - Blackfoot - Molley Hatchet - ZZ-Top as well as dishing up soon too be classic Ma Ferguson originals!

So if you like good Southern Music and awesome stage prescence - stop in and see us sometime - take your shoes off - y'all come back now y'hear. JDC