Maga is a duo from Burlington, Vermont. A self taught drummer/sampler and a classically trained multi-instrumentalist/vocalist. Sound ranges from jagged explosions to serene, calm passages. Live performance caters well to diverse audiences while always displaying our unique, signature aesthetic.


Bryan and Brett met through mutual friends when Bryan moved to Burlington after studying music composition at the College of Charleston. The two immediately began collaborating. We try to build our sound based on a range of influences, old and new, musical and non-musical. What sets us apart from other bands is the range of our sound as well as the creative process itself. Many songs our arranged based on "found sounds" like the click of a gas grill turning on, or audio samples of our Inca friend learning to play his "quena" (peruvian flute). In the end these palettes our used to color our own take on pop songs.


The Quena Song

Written By: Bryan Parmelee

hey sure thing
are you down?


Written By: Bryan Parmelee

We'll turn into victims
Of Violence


Written By: Bryan Parmelee

Lost in shameless ignorance


We have self released one Ep to date. The Chinese Whispers EP can be streamed online at We have been played over the radio-station WRUV in Burlington.

Set List

If given a full set time, say an hour plus, we would play the following original songs: All Fours, Floods, Clickity Click, Living with the Mek, Blackbrite, Quena Song, Help the Skeleton, Here Here, Dark Piers. Each song is between 3-7 minutes and we often play "medley" style in which songs bleed into one another.