Wilton, Connecticut, USA

A progressive rock outfit that seeks to defy genre and open minds. A beautiful yet powerful blend of sonic elements woven to created a vivid musical landscape.


Founded in the summer of 2009, Magari was formed by two long time friends and musical collaborators, Mike Barnett and Mark Cassano. However, the creative process that would eventually become Magari began over 6 years ago. This project is the culmination of years of creative growth between the two musicians, one that has managed to endure the trials of long distance collaboration and extended time apart.

Mike and Mark met in their sophomore and junior years of high school, respectively, as members of a short lived alt-rock band. They continued to maintain a friendship and a common musical direction as they both grew as songwriters. Over the years as they shared their respective music they would continually joke about one day having a band that would truly turn heads.

During summer 2009, Ryan Crane joined the pair and added a new creative perspective and unique drumming style that has left a permanent stamp on Magari’s sound. With Crane, Magari finally began to take shape.

Taking cues from 70s prog rock and psychedelia, as well as heavy metal, alternative rock, folk and a plethora of other musical styles, Magari builds upon a rich history and appreciation of songwriting and music as an art form.

In the summer of 2010 Magari wrote and recorded their debut EP “A Crescent Dream,” a single concept told in three parts. Now, in 2011, with the addition of dynamic new frontman Dru Serkes, Magari seeks to finally get the world acquainted with its now ripened, yet constantly evolving, sound.


A Crescent Dream EP, 2011

Set List

I. Pensive
Elysian Field of Dreams
The Huntress
III. Oceans Away

possible instrumental jams