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The Ilhuikatzin Project
In the Universe are thirteen heavens. At the twelfth one, there is a golden lagoon, is where Mother and Father lives.
They are looking at the ninth heaven, where the human soul is being weaved, before it takes place in a woman’s womb.
One drop of divine blood goes to the new human being and
gives them the breath of life.
When this life comes to its end, this drop will start a journey back to the twelfth heaven, to the golden lagoon. In this way, the human being always returns to the divine place where it belongs to.
This history gives life to “Ilhuikatzin” (Venerable Heaven), name of the fourth album of Magda Angelica, in the ethno fusion gender, following the turn that took the musical career from the “Dream’s Weaver” production in 2005.
Magda Angelica presents this new work with emphasis in strength of the themes through the percussion, the work of vocal harmony and the introduction of new instruments like the violoncello, live marimba, guitars, cuatro, accordion, bass, etc.
Again all the lyrics are based on elements of the Mayan and Mexica mysticism and, taken from the oral tradition, in a respectful approach to this cosmovisión, full of wisdom wealth, still present, and now days totally alive.
In this album Magda Angelica deepens in the feminity concept in the indigenous spirituality and departs from there to build a reinterpretation based on its experiences in Guatemala and Mexico.



In 1996, Magda Angelica records her first album: “Jardin Interior” (Inner Garden). In this cd, she initiates the work of composition, sharing the creativity of the songs with some of the most outstanding Guatemalan composers.
Because of this material Magda Angelica is awarded with the “Mayan Rainbow” prize, best New Artist and the "Tzig" prize in this same category granted by the Guatemalan Chamber of Professional Pressman.
In 2001, a second record production : “Angeles de Barro”, (Clay Angels) obtains the Golden Button award, granted by TGW, the main broadcasting institution en Guatemala.
In 2002, she moves to Mexico, and participates like a guest artist at live presentations of Mexican musicians like composer Fratta and the rock band: “Mujeres en Fuga”.
Late 2004 and early 2005, her career takes a turn and she announces a new project: “Tejedora de Sueños” (Dreams Weaver), in a joint venture with Discos Antidoto de Mexico. The new musical proposal combines electronic and acoustical sounds, some performed with pre-hispanic instruments. The lyrics are related to the magic of the Mayan and Mexica spirituality. The project reaches Costa Rica, were the director of the international orchestra:. Orquesta Centroamericana de la Papaya, Manuel Obregón, invites her like a guest composer, to participate with one of the themes “Nanita”, in he's album: “Tierra de la Dulce Espera”.
In 2.007, Magda Angelica more mature, releases its new album: “Ilhuikatzin”, “Venerable Sky”, fallowing up the Ethno fusion line and now sold all over the world.
In 2008 and 2009, two songs from this album: Danza de la Luna and Latido de Montaña are included in the An'R compilation, published in Australia by AMMA organization.
Actually her music has begun to be used as soundtrack for videos and short films like: "Figures in the Mist", Mexico; educational documentary "Foreign Cultures", United States and the TV series: "Secrets of the Maya", Guatemala.