Magdalen Fossum
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Magdalen Fossum

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States | SELF

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States | SELF
Band Folk Jazz




"Quotes about Magdalen"

“... it's amazing the old soul that lies in that young body. She just seems to channel the essence behind those classic songs, while still full of that 10 year old spirit. She was so professional on stage and then is running around the next minute... like a little goofball. It was truly amazing and wonderful to watch.”
-Ben Hassenger- musician, teacher, & organizer of Lansing’s Mighty Uke Day, May 14th, 2011
“Her wide spectrum of vocal capabilities is astonishing. When I closed my eyes, there were moments in her performance, where I was transported to a smokey southern tavern, listening to a seasoned elder musician.”
“The poise and grace she exhibited were extraordinary, with precious expressions and engagement with the audience.”
-Jim Fry- artist, writer, photographer -Lake Ann, Michigan
“At the Earthwork Harvest Gathering in 2009, Magdalen (8 years old at the time), was performing on the Cedar Stage. At that show she was accompanied by Daniel Kahn. For me, that performance was the highlight of the entire festival.”
“Magdalen is definitely a talented and natural musician, and she has shown a great deal of commitment and discipline in pursuing her musical education. I am certain that we will be hearing great things from Magdalen in the years to come.”
-Peter Madcat Ruth Musician - Grammy Award Winner
“She is so sweet and entertaining.” -Steva Beth Parkman-Boston Childrens Medical Center
“What struck me was that, even as a young child whose speech and diction was what you might expect, her intonation and stage presence was that of a seasoned professional. With no formal training, she was able to sing perfectly in tune before she was able to pronounce consonants.”
-Susan Fawcett- Member, Earthwork Music Collective & Co-founder, Fox on a Hill Productions, LLC
“She wowed the 200+ Gopherwood crowd as she had at Dunegrass, this time receiving a jubilant standing ovation. Her voice, ukulele playing, and stage presence were beyond her years.”
-Paul Brown-Director of Booking, Gopherwood Concerts, Cadillac, MI
“Just brilliant. Incredible talent. She owned it.?” (after her Gopherwood performance)
-Grumpy Coyote
“With innate ability in singing and playing, Magdalen is as talented and natural a musician as I’ve seen in a young person.”
-Drew Howard-musician and winner of the 2010 Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Country Instrumentalist
“(Magdalen is) already, a competent and charming interpreter of song...” -Paul Tinkerhess, brainchild of Water Hill Music Fest, Ann Arbor, MI
“Man, I’m in love with Magdalen Fossum!”
-May Erlewine-singer/songwriter, artist, and member, Earthwork Music Collective
“I must comment on the fine performance by Magdalen Fossum, age 10. She has been playing uke a long time. She loves playing music for crowds, and can be found at every outdoor festival she can find... dressed to perform, and singing her heart out all day long. She’s well-practiced and well-seasoned as a performer for real audiences, even at this age.”
“Her voice is much more expressive than some adults. And friends, she does a mouth trumpet. I’m impressed, and jealous...”
-LynnH! -artist (knitter, designer, teacher, singer, dancer and writer) and member of retro-1920's duo The Fabulous Hefftones
“She is an amazing musician and a great kid, ... She’ll be a fine fiddler/ guitarist/ mandolinist...who knows where she’ll stop.
-Bruce Ling-musician and member of Hawks and Owls String Band- the acoustic evolution of rural American music
“Fantastic voice and playing....What a star!” -Bonnie Bucqueroux, editor and publisher of sustainable and former
MSU professor, School of Journalism
"She's got talent. She really can sing and she's not shy onstage. ... She can hold a tune, and it's fun to listen to. It's really amazing to see someone so young play songs so old."
-Michael Shelata, host of the Ark's Open Stage Series and The Ark's sound engineer, Ann Arbor, MI
“Magdalen Fossum is a name to watch out for.....She has the makings of a great singer and is obviously influenced by the singers of yesteryear who maybe her grandparents were collectors of on vinyl.”
-Pauline Mitchell-Bristol, UK
“I heard her last night live at The ARK, sincere & lovely. One sincere, beautiful voice! So refreshing to the soul & spirit! We want this little lady to open one of our evenings of music!”
-Gw Staton- director, Black Crystal Cafe-PRIVATE performance & listening studio
“She is truly a wonderful talent and performer. A real treat to watch and listen to.” -Steve Kovich, singer/songwriter, co-shared the Open Stage
Showcase 2011 at The Ark with Magdalen
“Miss Magdalen gives me some hope for the species, and especially hope that we’ll hear more from her soon–for as young as she is, she has a good sense for how to put across a song.”
-Bob Forrest-member, Ukulele Hunt
“.....she's carrying on the tradition of folk music in Michigan, and she's a charmer!” -The Ark -Ann Arbor's nonprofit home for acoustic
music. Considered one of the top music clubs in the world.
“She's a? crystal child and sings like an angel.” -a youtube fan - a


Magdalen is currently working on her first album.



With parents and older siblings who sing and play, 12-year-old Magdalen Fossum has been influenced musically since birth. In her home there is a regular immersion in family jams, songwriting sessions, and influences in folk and old traditionals (through her mom), rock (through her dad), pop (through her brother), and gypsy punk and old jazz (through her sister). She has developed a keen fondness for the Boswell Sisters a three sister jazz harmony trio from the 20's and 30's as well as many other jazz artists from that era. She has access to a variety of instruments and gravitates toward ukulele, piano, fiddle, and mandolin. She began singing at two, making up songs at four, playing piano informally at five, and by the time she picked up the ukulele at age seven she had begun to frequently perform in the greater Lansing area.

In May of 2011, at age 10, Magdalen was the youngest artist ever named Open Stage performer of the year by The Ark in Ann Arbor, Mi. a popular nonprofit home for acoustic music, considered one of the top music clubs in the world. She is also a recent recipient of the Elyce Fishman Scholarship Fund by the Wheatland Music Organization. Her performances and shows in Michigan in 2011 and 2012 have been numerous with main stage sets at: The Buttermilk Jamboree, The Grand River Water Festival, Blissfest (where she was asked to open for Buffy Sainte-Marie in 2011 and Arrested Development in 2012), Dunegrass Music Festival, Sleepy Bear Music Festival, The Traverse City Film Festival, Farmfest, Hollerfest, Earthwork Music's Harvest Gathering, The Black Crystal Cafe, Trinity Theater, The Women In The Arts Festival, and more.

Additionally, Magdalen has begun leading workshops and classes in ukulele playing for beginners and children, and songwriting for children.