Magen's songs have very powerful messages for todays youth and this young lady knows how to "bring it". You'll praise God, Love the Lord Jesus, and feel The Holy Spirit in the room when you listen to this young singer.


God has given Magen (pronounced Megan) a passion for both Himself and for singing that enables her to effectively share her love for Christ. Magen's mission is to write and perform music that will encourage young people and adults alike to stand up and celebrate their life in Christ and share His love with the world around them.

This Cleveland, Ohio-based teen has been performing her infectious blend of Pop and R&B infused gospel all across the state, and there's no slowing down in sight for her.

You won't find her music on a big time music label, at least not yet. Many devoted listeners of Christian music have probably never heard of her. But that isn't stopping this young lady from making her mark in the music industry. Magen at the age of fourteen has one goal: To give everyone an opportunity to know who God is and what He can be for him or her. After just one listen, you know her mission will be accomplished.

Magen is a performer that grabs her audiences attention from the first note. With her own unconventional blend of Pop, R&B and Hip Hop, which she classifies as Urban Pop, Magen through the power of the Holy Spirit breaks down walls, touches hearts, and leaves Teens wanting to know more about Jesus Christ.

Magen has made an impression on everyone that has seen her. With the sexual or gangster image that many popular recording artists of today portray, the positive image that Magen exemplifies has made her one of the most sought after artist for live performances in the Ohio region.

Young people need to know that they are special and that God has a plan for their lives. In a world of mixed messages, where teens are victims of commodity, it is so refreshing to see a young lady using her platform to tell her peers that they are far more than another face in the crowd.


"It's You"

Set List

Live Performances

A. An appearance – Singing an A & B selection typically during Sunday service.

B. Standard Set – 20 to 30 minutes of live singing to instrumental tracks from Magen’s CD.

In each set Magen shares her heart and drives home the theme of your event along with her testimony. Magen will also be available to speak and pray with people throughout and after the service or event.

Feel free to contact me Martin Johnson with questions 216.255.6558. I look forward to hearing from you.