Maggie Anderson

Maggie Anderson

 Sterling, Virginia, USA

If Katy Perry collaborated with Jewel, they would be writing my songs. With themes that everyone can relate to, my songs showcase the pure tone and impressive range of my voice. Add my quick smile and appealing personality, and you get a performer that appeals to all audiences!


Maggie Anderson started her singing career with School of Rock, as a lead vocalist. But when she performed an acoustic solo set for the first time at the Watermelon Festival in June 2010, she realized that she appealed to audiences as a singer/songwriter. Since then, Maggie has performed at numerous venues throughout the D.C. Metro area, and up and down the east coast. Everywhere she plays, Maggie is greeted with enthusiasm and appreciation for her work. And usually with comments like, "Where have you been hiding?" Each performance leads to another opportunity, as audiences discover her music and beg for more!


Maggie recently completed a demo CD of five singles, including: In Too Deep, Gwen's Song, I Want It Back, Saving My Pride, and Darling.