Maggie Austin

Maggie Austin

 Tampa, Florida, USA


Maggie Austin is a new artist whose vocals have won critical acclaim from both artists and music industry executives. Her 2006 accomplishments have earned her a listing of # 3 on Music Row Magazine's Top Country Breakout Artist List. Maggie's momentum continues in what promises to be another outstanding year with this singer/songwriter garnering Honors in the Billboard World Song Contest! Combining traditional country themes,with a cutting edge delivery, have made Maggie an innovative and ground breaking artist.

Born in rural southeastern Pennsylvania, Maggie learned at a very early age both country values and her love of country music. The youngest of five children, Maggie spent many hours on the farm doing the two things she loves best: singing and being with horses!
Like many young women today, Maggie had several dreams waiting to take flight. The morning after winning her first Equestrian U.S. National Championship, she knew it was time to begin the process of making her next dream a reality! Maggie took the plunge, walked into a recording studio,and came out with her six-song demo CD, Time and Again. Maggie wrote five of the six songs on Time And Again.

Several of her tracks, including her international releases "Taking Time," "Touchdown" and "Time and Again," climbed various charts. Country Stars Online says Maggie's songs "have a depth and emotion to them that sounds like they are from a much more seasoned songwriter."

That depth and emotion carry over in to Maggie's 2006 release, Georgia Clay Road. Maggie wrote several of the tracks,but this time around, also included songs written by some of today's best country songwriters. Maggie says she "wanted the songs on the CD to represent a journey: the journey of life - the good and the bad, the happy and the sad; times that we all experience. While country music is made up of a patchwork of songs about loss, I wanted those sad songs to have a positive outcome, where the message is that 'you are where you are until you decide to take action to change the situation

Maggie Austin became a proud sponsor for Cell Phones for Soldiers in early in 2005. She is helping to bring awareness to CPFS by informing the public and encouraging donations that are used to purchase calling cards for soldiers fighting overseas to call home to their families. "Being involved with CPS has been a wonderful experience," says Maggie. "It demonstrates how small ideas can grow large enough to move mountains!"

All in all, Maggie sums it up best: "My love of country music was born out of my love of country life. There is nothing like being in the barn on a sunny summer afternoon with a light breeze and hearing country music on the radio, mingled with the joy of the outdoors!"

There is no denying Maggie Austin's momentum. With her music listed in the top 20 of the most played songs in Europe,her debut U.S. release "Rain On A Tin Roof" climbed high on Music Row Country Breakout Chart and the follow -up to that release, "This Is Forever," was the most added song on radio and rocketed up the country charts as well. The global demand for her music is beyond contention. Her new single "Georgia Clay Road" currently at #49 on Music Row Country Breakout Chart and, on the Roots Music Chart, she is listed at #1 Above Brooks and Dunn,Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood!! Visit Maggie Austin's Official WebSites at:


CD: Georgia Clay Road
Georgia Clay Road (Current) # 49 on Music Row Breakout Chart,#1 Roots Music Chart,Now Reported to R&R Chart.This single won honors in the Billboard World Song Contest.

This Is Forever* #57 on Music Row Breakout Chart ,#1 Roots Music, #1 Indie World Chart,#5 New Music Weekly Country Chart.

Rain On A Tin Roof* #56 on Music Row Breakout Chart #20 New Music Weekly Country Chart,#2 Indi World Chart.